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Reset less than 24 hours away, Rule Changes and our Biggest Giveaway yet!

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Ahoy Adventurers!

We can’t believe how fast reset has arrived, now just less than 24 hours away and the support shown by the community throughout our network is insane! We can’t wait to open Pirate to you all tomorrow.

Current Giveaways

We’re currently hosting one of our biggest giveaways yet worth over $200 on our Twitter. Since we flew past our goal of 70 retweets and 80 likes the giveaway has now been made live, if you’d like to enter please comment your in-game name on our pinned tweet!
On top of this, we will also host a third giveaway if we receive 200 reactions on our discord post regarding the giveaway. If this goal is met we will reveal what we are giving away, we can assure you it will be something special.

Reset Queue

We’ve learnt from our previous mistakes that allowing 400 people to join at once usually doesn’t end well for the server. This time around you’ll be glad to know we have a server queue in place to allow a steady flow of players onto the server, ranked players do receive priority over those who aren’t ranked. Make sure to get there early to reserve your place in the queue.

Reset Booster Pack

Need a head start on reset? We’ve got the perfect pack for you, decided by our exclusive beta team, this has been tweaked to appeal to every faction player. To make everything that little bit easier we’ve also added a 30% reset sale to celebrate, check out the pack here:

Rule Changes

Into the serious stuff now. Recently we hosted a poll for our beta team members on whether we should allow 2x fly boost or ban it completely. The majority was in favour of completely removing the ability to use fly boost, meaning that anyone caught using fly boost will now be punished under tier 3 rules. Anyone currently punished for fly boost over 1.5x will remain punished under the old rules, all new offences will come under the new rule. Aside from this major change, we have added a punishment ladder to abusing exploits and bugs, altered the insiding punishment ladder and tweaked some other minor rule specifications.

TreasureWars Uprising: Pirate Season 1

Just a reminder from us that we will be closing the current realm to undergo roughly 12 hours of maintenance before we open up for reset tomorrow at 4PM EDT/ 9PM BST/ 6AM AEST. We will be releasing some further patch notes tomorrow to make sure everyone is up to date with our progress. If you haven’t already entered the giveaway make sure to do so now so you don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

That’s all for now!
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