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Also, as this thread has been posted, I'm gathering there will be a announcement for the resets soon :>
Next week pls plox


@Cold_Fire explain to me why you think it's a huge advantage? Just curious because I've held top rank on several servers that give /fly, and it doesn't give that much of an advantage


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I have had a lot of questions about reset so here's a list of what you keep and don't. Other information about reset will also be included.

What You Keep

What You Will Loose
Items In Chests
Items In Your Inventory
Items In Your Pv's
Soul Gems
Slot Crystals
Protection Runes
War Keys

Anything You Built

You will keep any ranks or classes you got from war chests or scrolls.

People who were banned before reset will not be unbanned after reset. When someone is banned they are banned from the whole server not just the realm they were playing on.

Resets help new players have a chance to get as op as some of the old people. It also is just a fresh start for the people that have been playing for awhile.

Resets are a complete reset of the map so it will go back to how it looked when the realm was first released. So your bases, cactus farms, anything else you built will not be there after a reset.

Your faction will be disbanded so when you get on after the reset you will have to recreate it.

Hope this answered your questions about resets if you have any more feel free to ask in the comments. <3

hi I obviously play treasure wars and I like playing. I know I will miss my god set but I will make a new one but theres one thing I have to know. what servers are getting reset and when? I don't like the rumours going around which might be true or not​
We don't include mcmmo and consumables because the whole point of reset is to level the playing field. If people started off with all their mcmmo and consumables they'd have a huge advantage over other players. <3
Are you sure the real reason isn't to make more money?
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