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Server Made a Mistake


New Member
My brother and I have been playing treasurewars since Lachlan was playing and he had gotten the pioneer class from a mythical war key. He's had the class for a long time, but when the reset happened, he lost it just like everyone did, so I personally, not him, went on his account to claim the class and I applied it to his account. It worked for months but suddenly, he lost it. I was confused so I asked the online players what to do and they told me to open a ticket in Discord, so I then did just that. I explained the situation and they told me they saw it was claimed but I needed video evidence of claiming the gem. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO ANTICIPATE THAT YOU'RE GONNA MAKE A MISTAKE???!? It's complete bull. I enjoy playing on this server but if they won't fix my problem, I'm gonna make it THEIR problem. Help me in getting my brother's $40 class back. Both my brother and I have contributed at least $200 each to this server and this is how they repay him. It's inexcusable and it needs to be fixed. His username is Da_Beast_52.