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SkillzG0D's Ban Report against Carlmailand for Hacking


Ban reports are considered and evaluated objectively by staff. Please complete the form in its entirety.

Remember to be:

Specific - including what transpired during the offense and key times if you are including a video.


Include evidence - All ban reports, without exception, require supporting evidence. This evidence can include: A full Size Screenshot(s) and or A full Size Video. Partial screenshots cannot be considered as it may indicate alteration.

Evidence must clearly show the following: Clear and legible IGN of the accused and Indisputable support of your claim.

NOTE: Due to players attempting to frame other players, Only VIDEO EVIDENCE will be considered / accepted.

What is your In Game Name:

Name(s) of the accused:

Time and Date:
17/01/16 2:20am GMT

Reason for Reporting

Supporting Evidence/Proof

If you see his flying while in combat as you see i tag him so his down to 8 hearts and if you see in chat he doesn't come out of combat until the same time as me so you see him flying up and down in the wz

Key Times
all of it