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Soul gem revamp

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Soul gems are kinda bad now since races don't really mean anything, so maybe when u use a soul gem u get the mcmmo boost of like 25 for axes for example on dwarf, everytime u use,


idk, make the buffs better, maybe bring back races cant hit same races - :p not sure exactly, any thoughts?

maybe make it so each race gets a kind of gear piece like orc gets an axe "Orc Battleaxe with crushing rift slayer ect. elf gets a helm "Elf ears" human gets a sword and dwarf gets boots? this is just a thought i had (ofc it would have a cooldown like 10 days or something)


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+1 Since it’s kind of hard nowadays to get mcmmo because of the cluescroll cooldown, I kind of like the idea of soul gems giving us a certain amount of mcmmo when switching to a certain race. This would make soul gems more useful and not a forgotten item.
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