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Teaser Announcement! Return of the Necromancer, New June Chest and More!

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Greetings Adventurers!

We’ve had numerous, amazing submissions so far for the unique items, some of which have already been implemented. We’d just like to thank the people who’ve put their ideas forward and for those that we’ve decided to use we will be reaching out to you next month! If you’re still wanting to submit your unique ideas please follow the link here!

Moving onto the teasers, we've decided to showcase some of our work early before we release it this Sunday! This post will cover some features but not all that we've been working on. We will be releasing our detailed post on Sunday explaining everything you can expect on Pirate Islands!

Our progress so far

Throughout these past two weeks, we’ve all been hard at work recreating and testing returning features in preparation for this Sunday. So, what’ve we got? At the moment we’re only teasing what’s to come and we want to save the best for the weekend. Back in early 2019 previous teams decided to remove the fearsome Necromancer to give it a well overdue update. Since their departure, the Necromancer has been hiding in the deepest rifts waiting for the right moment to strike. Beware he’s had some major changes since you last saw him, he’s recruited some menacing hell hounds and demonic healers, so he’s definitely not going down without a fight.

The Necromancer isn’t the only one we’ve got returning this weekend, expect to see the Corrupted Wandering Champion, this time he won’t be disappearing, his days as a magician are over. With an extra spring in his stride, he’s not afraid to send you and your faction to an early grave.

Another month in Quarantine, another monthly crate
We can’t start a new month without a new crate, so for June, we’re releasing our next monthly installment of the TreasureChest, this time a little different. The submissions that some of you have sent will be placed straight into the chest. Who doesn’t love new content? The TreasureChest will be available on the server store on Sunday, you’ll be able to check it out here.

Renaming your weapons and armor
So you’ve finished your brand new magma set from the May crate and there’s just something missing. We’re reintroducing rename tags to apply to all weapons and armor to allow you to set the name of your items using color codes. Now your set can finally be complete.

Want to get involved?
We’re currently reworking our beta tester team meaning that applications right now are closed, however, we’re planning on opening them very soon, so keep an eye out.

Update Patch notes

We will be releasing our patch notes for the previous week in our Sunday Post.

Monthly Newsletter submissions

Our Newsletter team are on the hunt for the small content creators on the server. To be in with the chance of winning a $20 voucher for our server store, all you have to do is send in short clips of you and your faction dominating the Pirate Islands. This could be through raiding or wiping the floor with your opponents in PvP. Please send all clips to @ThqtGirl via forums or discord isobel#9999.

Thank you all for your continued support and make sure to check back this Sunday for the full release post!
Not open for further replies.