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The Current Condition Of Treasure Wars. ( What Has Gotten It To This Point & What Can Fix It )

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The current state of this server, is a pretty controversial topic because the community seem that they really do not enjoy the current state because of bugs and glitches that are constantly happening.

2015- Aug 23 2015, A moment where a lot of people from the big content creators known as Lachlan ans Vikkstar123 made a treasure wars series that made treasure wars bubble burst instantly. The popularity of the server that year was really nice and there were no real problems, the community seemed to enjoy the game and the chat was not really toxic. But that year from my memory the popularity started dying down a bit when they ended their series that was waiting to happen but it lasted a long time, but it lasted really well till 2016 when it went big again.

2016- If I were to give my opinion probably the peak year for Treasure Wars. At the start of this amazing year for treasure wars there was a season where Lachlan and Vikkstar123 still content creators started another series with a larger fan base so treasure wars could reach more popularity. In this series they went Head TO Head, This year many people from my memory were calling treasure wars P2W ( Pay To Win ). I honestly do not know why but this year was a huge year for the server everything was going really well until I would say late 2016.

2017- The Quiet Year. 2017 Was what I would know as a VERY quiet year you didn't really hear much from the server but I would say it still had a pretty good player base consistently on. There's not much context for this year except QUIET.

2018- SEMI DOWNFALL? ( 2018 FROM NOW ) The current state Treasure wars is in, is really bad according to the community because there is A LOT of glitches and bugs that have occurred, we do have to remember the realm is in beta but, I THINK THE STAFF SHOULD LISTEN MORE TO THE COMMUNITY TO MAKE THE PLAYER BASE BIGGER AND TO MAKE MORE PEOPLE ENJOY THIS SERVER THAT HAS HAD A LOT OF BACKGROUND.

I do think Treasure Wars will rise up again and be a more popular server in player wise but they need to do a better job of listening to their community and work harder to fix all these bugs and glitches. ( who knows tho they might be trying really hard to fix all these things! ) Also we have to notice that they're constructing the pirate map ATM!
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Thanks for showing us your concerns! Just to make a few things a little clearer, we currently have two teams over on our discord server (alpha team & beta testers) both of which are active groups full of community members who we think can offer us valuable opinions on upcoming content and report any ongoing bugs currently live on the beta realm. If you haven't been selected to be apart of one of these two teams you can still report any bugs you experience here:
Plus, if you go over to our discord and select the '#change-log' channel there you will find a list of bugs/changes our development team have made to the current ongoing beta realm. If you have anymore problems/questions feel free to privately message me either on here or via discord, CruderTax#4418.
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