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The Most neglected realm...

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Hello! Some may know me, others not. I play on the Frozen Abyss realm and have some issues.

Frozen is the most neglected realm... Why? because it was released before Molten and not many people play on this realm. Yes, the maximum capacity this realm gets is 160-170 people on. At night, it can get down to 40.

Nobody raids like other realms. There is this base that is claimed by 5 people and its only got one regen wall and 40 wet, and 10 dry. Half of that is unclaimed.

Yes there is some Helpers and Mods on Frozen, but don't play on there. They just come on to check out the server, and maybe ban some hackers. (yes @Sebaxtian10, I still have your 10k money note <3 )

I know there are lots of hackers on other realms, but have you seen our Warzone? Its like a ant farm. Oh look. Its a flying explorer. Over there is a full iron explorer battling a guy in a God Set with kill aura, reach and regeneration hacks.

Not a lot of PvP. Aurora basically runs the server.

So what I'm trying to say. How can we fix these issues?
so what you do, you tp me alt to any base and tahdah.
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