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The Time Has Come (Resigning )

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Hola peeps,

So as most of you know this time has been coming for a while but it's finally time for me to resign. I wish I didn't have to go but as some of you know I will be leaving to Germany in 1 month and I won't be home for another 10 months. In the upcoming month, I will have to prepare everything for my trip and I will be very busy. I'm also so very sorry I haven't been active the past few weeks as well. I had someone come visit me and we were running around the east coast doing a bunch of tourist stuff and trying to see everything there was to see. I have been an admin on here for over a year and I have been staff on here for 1 year and 10 months, this server means the world to me and the players mean even more. I've seen it's ups and it's downs and I want nothing more than this server to succeed. With this new admin team I feel comfortable enough to finally leave and be able to say that I think the server will survive and flourish. After my 10 months in Germany I have full intentions of reapplying for staff and helping out again. Though I don't agree with everything they've done I know this new admin team has lots of new and great things in store for the server and I know that the server will do great. You guys can still msg me your questions if you have something you just need an answer to I will still happily help but I will obviously not be able to do many things.

@allplayers Thank you for sticking with the server even in it's toughest times. We wouldn't have a server without you guys so you always deserve the biggest thank you. <3

@newstaff and @futurestaff This staff team may seem insane and at first staffing may seem kinda crazy but the staff team is like a family. Sure we fight sometimes but in the end we always have each others back. Just stick with it and you guys will do great. <3

@logon1027 You may have just resigned as well but I still have to thank you for giving me this amazing opportunity. I know I drove you crazy at times but you were already crazy so it's okay xD <3

@Manuluke I really hope you get staff again. When I first got staff you were the only one I felt comfortable enough to go to and ask questions you were more of a mentor to me than anyone else and over time I'd like to think that we became quite close and I really hope we stay in touch <3

@Calizz You are fricking crazy but boy do I love you girl. We have so many funny memories together and I hope I never forget them because you always made this staff team interesting and fun. Please always keep smiling because your smile is amazing and you always know just how to make everyone laugh. <3

@GamerGirl28 Thank you for being so active, it seems like whenever I needed a helping hand you were there to give it <3

@DanSlaughter You're the real og ya randy xD <3

@GenBear I'm sorry I couldn't be there for your interview but I'm very glad that you got staff. I think you're going to go far kid. Don't let the salty kids bring you down because I think you have the making of an amazing staff member.

@Lokiies Ryon you weird little pug. You always kept things interesting it seems like no matter what we were doing you were always laughing. (btw I took screenshots of you in your minion onesie ^_^) <3

@Yagot Ima just give you a shoutout in here beacuse in my opinion you were one of the best staff members I have ever seen and while you were here I think you did great. If you ever feel it again you should reapply <3

@DoctorRru Boi it seems like I've known you forever and I'm glad I've known you as long as I have. You better keep in touch because you have always been one of my closest friends on here. <3

@Erictigerawr and @therestofthenewadminteam Make sure to listen to the staff members, even the helpers. Teams work because there is a variety of opinions and just because opinions differ doesn't mean it's a bad thing. Don't keep decision making to just the admins and ban team because you guys don't play. Make sure you ask the mods and helpers and even some trusted players. We don't add updates for the staff we add updates for the players so they can have a better time. What we want may not be what they want. Listen to the players because without them there wouldn't be a server <3

There are so many more people that deserve a shout out because so many of you have made my t wars experience amazing. A lot of you already have me, but if anyone else wants to keep in touch you can add my snapchat which is Oreopross (because I'm original) and my insta is A.t.l.a.n.t.i.c_

Also like side note but I've been doing happy (enter random day here) for over a year now! XD
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RIP. Thanks for everything (especially my interview, even though it was just inappropriate jokes) and i wish you the very best of luck. <3


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Rip, we will all miss you, you've done so much for Treasure Wars and the community. Have fun in the future <3


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Noooooo )))): i'll miss you... mind if i do the happy (random day) on your page? Urghh you were nicest admin imo hope to see you soon <3
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