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GUIDE Tickets: A TreasureWars Guide

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Tickets Guide
Hey adventurers!
This is a guide designed to help you use the new ticket system.

The following commands can be used to create a ticket in #bot-spam:

If you are muted on the Treasure Wars discord, you can create a ticket by messaging the bot directly. Then and using either of the above commands.

Once you have carried out these commands, you will get a message from the Treasure Wars Bot ( that looks like this:

Respond to this with your minecraft username.

So far, your ticket should look like this:

The next message is asking you what server your request relates to. We only have one realm at the moment, and that is pirate. If your request relates to the forums, put forums. The same applies for discord.

After you have done this, your ticket should look something like this:
You now need to describe the issue you are having. If you have any videos or screenshots that will help us to diagnose the issue, please put links to these in this message.

Once you have described the issue and sent this message, your ticket should look like this:

Now you need to check the details and make sure everything is correct. If everything is not correct, send the bot a message saying cancel. This will cancel the ticket. If everything is correct, send the bot a message saying submit.

After sending that message, you will get a response with a ticket number. It will look like this:

The ticket number is how staff members will identify the ticket. If you have a question about an open ticket, please give this ticket number to the staff member.

You will also be tagged in a new channel on the Treasure Wars discord. This is your ticket. It should look something like this:

A staff member will look at this ticket as soon as they can. Please be patient.

The following issues do not require you to make a ticket:

Purchase helps

Ban appeals

Ban reports

Staff applications

You will get a standard response if you create a ticket for any of the above reasons.

If you create a ticket and do not respond to a question asked by a member of staff in that ticket for 24 hours, the ticket will be closed and you will have to create a new ticket.

Currently, only Jr mods and upwards have access to the ticket system. Helpers cannot see your tickets.
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