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Treasure Wars Forums Rules

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Server Director
Treasure Wars Forums Rules

Do not reply to threads which are outdated or inactive.

Do not spam multiple threads or replies which repeat the same message.

Do not post troll threads which are hard to read/have no relevance.

Do not use our forums to advertise other servers or self-promote your channel. (You can link social media accounts if they have Treasure Wars related content)

Appropriate Links
All links posted must lead to safe and appropriate websites, and cannot be masked.

Ratings Boosting
Do not boost or spam your personal ratings (or another account’s ratings) with your own/alternate account.

All avatars must be appropriate and cannot contain any profane language, explicit content, racism, etc.

Micro Posting
No micro-posting. No posts that only have 1 word or multiple words with no other text will be classed as micro posting. Stating you are not micro posting after making a single word post is also considered against the rules. We do allow the use of single image and/or gifs in responses.

Rules Notice
All rules listed in this thread are to be followed when playing on the Treasure Wars Server and using the Forums and Discord. Rules are subject to be changed and it is your responsibility to keep up to date with them. Failure to follow these rules will result in a punishment and excessive offences can result in a banishment/account suspension from our server and services.

While these rules are only forced on our server and services, the Administration Team can still take action against players breaking severe offences on third-party platforms on a case by case basis. All punishments are at the discretion of the Administration Team, and excessive punishments can result in a permanent removal from the network.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the rules, please contact a Community Administrator
Not open for further replies.