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Treasure Wars Newsletter - "Changes"

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TreasureWars Newsletter

TreasureWars Newsletter

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Greetings Adventurers!

Welcome to the fifth News Letter for the Treasure Wars Network! In this News Letter, there are many changes to the staff team. Be sure to update yourself with these new changes. Along with that, we have some pretty big server news!

Staff Updates

Promotion to Helper

Promotions to Jr. Mod

Promotion to Moderator


Akay - Mod to Player
jjrocker138 - Jr. Mod to Player
Huli - Administrator to Player
Menslooter - Administrator to Player
KozmicAbby - Administrator to Player
Mega - Helper to Player
toooooooooooofast - Mod to Player

Current Staff Team


AzureDev (AEST)
Envyful (GMT/BST)
Menslooter (EST) (Until Oct. 22)

Senior Moderators
hellaflop (EST)
GamerGirl28 (EST)
CruderTax (GMT/BST)

TheSclooba (CST)
Triviaz (GMT/BST)
FluffyPlays (GMT/BST)
CribzReloadz (GMT/BST)
TheWaterboy10 (GMT/BST)

Junior Moderators
heyimliz_ (EST)
xDestructive (EST)

Moqe (EST)
Manuluke (GMT/BST)
aagamer_24 (GMT/BST)

CruderTax will be in charge of the Staff Team, this means he will be looking at staff applications to see which applications are the strongest and therefore will be responsible for the Staff Team as a whole. If you have any concerns about a member of staff, please start a conversation with him or PM him via Discord: CruderTax#0001

Hellaflop will be in charge of Community Relations. This means I will be announcing new updates, Newsletters, and Community Upvotes. If you have any new ideas for the Newsletter or would like to interview one of the members on the staff team, start a conversation with me or contact me via discord; hellaflop#3856. I will also be managing the Treasure Wars twitter page! (

GamerGirl28 will be in charge of Events and Partnerships. This means she is responsible for coming up with the ideas, executing the ideas and managing the Event as a whole. She will also be responsible for contacting partners. If you are looking to partner with us, feel free to start a conversation with her or PM her via Discord: Marissa#0511

Implemented Server Updates
Mayhem is currently live on all the realms! Mayhem will last for a two week period and will get more and more hectic every day! For a full list of everything that will be added progressively every day, check this thread out here,

Beta Realm Announcement
Beta Realm will be open after Mayhem. This will be a realm to test new additions/updates to ensure that the Global Rest will have no bugs/issues. This time Beta will be free! However, if you had previously purchased the Beta Realm you will have an early access.

Dropped Item Clear Timer

Any items dropped in the main warzone including spawns, warps and nether, will be cleared after 1 minute from the time they are dropped. Items dropped in the wilderness and claimed land, will clear after 15 minutes.

Server Rule Changes
Make sure to keep yourself updated with all the new rule changes! For one, death threats are no longer bannable and chat related offences only have chat punishments. Here is all the Rules and Regulations along with the punishments according to them.
Treasure Vaults

Treasure Vaults are a new capturable area that contains 3 different tiers of resource boosters that benefit the entire faction! Each tier will contain custom sell signs and offer boosted MCMMo and EXP.

Bug Fixes/Changed

Here is the list of bug fixes/changes that the Development Team has been tirelessly working on this month!
Make sure to thank them for their hard work and dedication.

Added /f status
Increased /f near radius to 200 (same as /near)
Fixed Lore in Wyvern armour
Fixed being combat tagged with Explosive Immunity
Fixed Spectral knockback
Fixed Line of Sight issues with Firestorm
Added Animal Aid
Added Snare
Added Insect Swarm
Fixed "Swarm Mobs" breaking blocks from last season
Fixed players getting a teleport cooldown when they login to tutorial
Fixed Wyvern perm regeneration boost

Added intended healthboost to wyvern armour
Started to
mitiage some lag issues

Modified Ghast drops
Players can no longer use /spawn whilst in the Tutorial
Added Magma Cubes to Captcha
Changed enchants on the Assassin class
Fixed chunk busters turning into beacons (issue when /f access was first added)
Fixed /f access not saving after reboots
Fixed Sixth Sense not applying to leggings, and boots
Fixed ChunkBusters not working when chunks unload

Fixed Swipe "maximum" being 5 visual glitch
Fixed Phantom Boss
Added command cooldown to prevent spam
Nerfed Ghast drops
Nerfed Magma Cube drops
Magma Cubes no longer die 30% at a time
Decreased redstone per chunk limit to prevent crashes
Added piston chunk limit to prevent crashes
Tweaked anti-cheat
Mitigated some backend issues
Removed the 3x EXP multiplier
Removed the 1.5x mcMMO multiplier
Changed Magma Cube death rate to 20%
Increased emerald sell/buy price
Changed dropped item clearing to have an individual clear for each item
Modified entity per chunk cap
Modified delay between running spam commands
Disabled Sand stacking in the WarZone
Disabled Gravel stacking in the WarZone
Fixed explosive creating "LavaSlime" spawners
Removed strange 'hacker jail' hologram from realms
Fixed ugly scoreboard for the Treasure Vaults
Prevented people capping multiple Treasure Vaults
Increased Ghast spawner price
Temporarily disabled all leather sets
Added some more rewards to rifts to cover the sets being removed
Removed ability to AFK grind MagmaCube for EXP and Diamonds
Fixed Treasure Vault glitch where it reset your % to 0
Fixed Treasure Vaults not giving points at 100%
Removed Treasure Vaults spam glitch
Fixed the "Status" of the vault being wrong in some instances
Updated builds for Treasure Vaults
Added holograms to Treasure Vault safe zones
Updated safe zones for Treasure Vaults
Changed rate of capture of the Treasure Vaults
Added a decimal point to the Treasure Vault capture percentage
Fixed Faction's disbanding but still having their cap percentage
Added /treasurevaults (/tvaults) to see the active vaults, and warp to them
The /tvaults command now teleports the faction who've capped the vault to the "Rewards area"
Made Neutralizing Treasure Vaults half the speed of capturing/regenerating them
Removed annoying command delay on first join
Removed ability to access player vaults from Treasure Vault arenas

Youtube Happenings

Once again this month we have the top community videos from the past month. If you are interested in having your video featured in next months News Letter, submit an entry to hellaflop on either discord (hellaflop#3856) or the forums!

First Place @Fald
"The Greatest Treasure Wars Montage Ever! GOLDEN KNIVES!"

Second Place @ImFroggy
"Treasure Wars Cursed Minitage #1"

Third Place @JoyeCraftsHD

Staff Interview

Once again, we are back with the monthly interview! This month we had player, @Landon interview a Senior Moderator @GamerGirl28

Discord Top Levels


Community Help

What is the Helper team?
Helpers are there to moderate the chat, and offer in game assistance and advice. Helpers have access to /warn and /tempmute.

What is the Jr. Moderator team?
Jr. Mods are basically a trial mod rank. They have the command /ban, however, they can not permaban.

What is the Moderator team?
Mods have lots of new commands, such as /v and /scv. They are also there to offer general advice to people who may need it.

What is the Senior Moderator team?
Senior Mods has new commands and permissions available to them. They have access to /vanish, /god, /tpo, /fly, /ban, and /speed. We are on the prowl for any rule breakers and will be following players that we find that have certain indicators that they may be hacking. Ban team members do not play and have no bias due to this.

How do I become part of the Staff Team?
You must apply through the forums if you think you would be a great staff member!

I have no evidence can I ban this guy?
You need full screen video evidence to get someone banned - screenshots are not accepted by regular players. Only staff members can submit screenshots as proof.

Do staff need to make a ban report to ban a player?
No, they don’t. As long as they have sufficient evidence and provide the evidence in the ban command.

When will my ban appeal be looked at?
Your ban appeal will be looked at as soon as possible. Our Senior Mod team, as well as our administrators, have a lot to do and will get to it as soon as possible.

When will my staff application be looked at?
Staff applications are looked at every day. We like to watch the applicants before we proceed in the application process. This process can take quite long sometimes. If you ask about your application you will just lower your chances of getting staff.

My purchase did not go through?
Please wait two hours for the purchase to go through as sometimes the buycraft site does not complete instantly. If it still does not appear, please make a purchase help thread.

Useful Links:

  • What to do with hackers can be found here
  • How to use the resource system can be found here

Thank you for reading this newsletter. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for the next newsletter, please comment under this post and we will get to your questions in the next installment. Thank you all for your continued play and donations. I wish you all the best.

Happy Exploring!

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Just so everyone knows loseit (me) died in class with an ig pet thats also the only time i have ever died on cursed this season to 1-2 people without it being a gk
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