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TreasureWars Presents: Development


Greetings Adventurers!

It has been quite a while but we are finally back for the 16th edition of the TreasureWars Newsletter! I hope you all have been doing well during the COVID19 pandemic and are ready to sit back on your new gaming chair and enjoy the newest instalment of our Newsletter.

Now, let's get into it.


Bandit's Reset!

Yes, as you have heard Bandit Hills will be reset on the 20th of February @ 8 PM GMT/ 3 PM EST. Next season will be packed full of juicy events and treasures we have never seen before, with all new content coming on a regular basis.

Want to stay up to date on what's going on? Then join the Treasurewars discord and check out the #news channel.

This Month's Puzzle - Crossword

The race for the top three prizes has begun! This month we have another crossword puzzle for you all to try. The rules are simple, the first three people to direct message (@Ollie#8683) on discord with a completed version of the crossword puzzle and their in-game name will receive the following rewards on the reset of the Bandit Hills Realm:

1st Place Rewards:

- 2x Mythic War Key
- 1x Rare War Key
- 1x 150k Experience Orb
- 2x Mystery ClueScroll
- 1x Empowered Slot Crystal
- 2x Slot Crystal
- 6x Blaze Spawner
- 10x Chunk Buster

2nd Place Rewards:

- 1x Mythic War Key
- 1x Rare War Key
- 1x 75k Experience Orb
- 1x Mystery ClueScroll
- 3x Slot Crystal
- 4x Blaze Spawner
- 7x Chunk Buster

3rd Place Rewards:

- 2x Rare War Key
- 1x 50k Experience Orb
- 3x Slot Crystal
- 3x Blaze Spawner
- 5x Chunk Buster

Community Video

This months $20 gift card has been awarded to @Ansoph for making a fantastic montage of him and his faction running some of the competition in PVP. Have you got what it takes to go above and beyond to destroy the competition on the bandit hills realm? if so, enter next months competition and show us what you've got!

New Content

With a new reset round the corner, there will be a new surge of content rolling out. This content is listed below:


Enter the arena of the pirates! The TreasureTrove has been uncovered, and a magical presence has been detected. Set sail on the first-ever Voyage and fight risk-free against your enemies to dig up the Buried Treasure. To capture the TreasureTrove, you must continuously stand on the cap zone marked by "the X" for 10 minutes. When you die, you will not lose your items; however, you cannot return for 10 minutes. Once you have captured the TreasureTrove, you will receive a Treasure Trunk containing Heroic+ rewards.

Rift Armour:

It's about time we've had some new elements to armour and set-building, so we are excited to introduce the return of Rift Armour! Upon closing a Rift, there is a small chance that the boss will drop a random piece of its armour. The special thing about the Rift Armour pieces is that each boss has a set of three enchantments tied to it, which bind to their boss pieces. These sets increase the effect of these enchantments by 5% per piece! Additionally, if you're wearing a complete set from a specific boss, you'll receive a special ability.


Rift Merchant:

In addition to Rift Armour, all Warzone bosses will drop Rift Tokens around their death location. There are avid collectors at the Marketplace who are willing to exchange these tokens for some of the most sought after items on Bandit.

Washup & Runes:

This season changes the entire dynamic of set-creation on TreasureWars alongside the addition of Rift Armour; we are changing how Rune Pouches and the Washup works. To add some more competition to the Warzone, we are changing it so that Rune Pouches bought from the XP Merchant will no longer uncover Max Level Runes (unless their max level is one). Instead, you must venture into the Warzone and loot washup chests or buy the new Max Rune Pouch from the Rift Merchant.

Cluescrolls & Quests:

We noticed that the Cluescrolls and Race Quests on TreasureWars have been quite stale over the past few months, turning people away from completing them. This season we have added a slew of over 50 new Clues and Quests that will hopefully spice up this aspect of the server and shine a new light on these core features.

Ravager Class:

Our newest addition to the Contraband Class lineup is the Ravager Class. Foe to the Galaxy, this set comes with an Axe, Sword and Bow, capable of holding up to 12 custom enchantments.

It is also worth noting that all Contraband classes have had their cooldowns reduced to 5 days, and rolling the class will only give one random piece of the set.


New Enchants:


The newest addition to the Heroic enchantment lineup and also a force to be reckoned with. This enchantment applies to weapons and can slow enemies by 15% and deal damage ticks of 1.6 hp for up to 10 seconds.


This new Mythic armour enchantment will prevent all damage above a certain threshold based on its level, limiting the possible damage you can take a hit.

Season Victors!

With the Bandit Hills Realm reset we have LOCKED in the final position for faction top. The top places are listed below:

First Place:

⤷ Grizards!

With a humungous value of $45 billion, the Grizards faction has dominated the realm with a substantial lead of 24 billion. How high can they go with the next season's faction top?

Second Place:

⤷ Tuff!

Our runners up with a hefty value of $21 billion, Tuff have had a brilliant season with a substantial balance to even stand against our winners of the season. I wonder what kind of tricks they have up their sleeves to one-up everyone on the next season of the Bandit Hills Realm.

Third Place:

⤷ Vanguard!

Finally, our third-place winners coming in at $16.5 billion, Vanguard has had a tough road ahead of them but with their might, they have secured a place in the top three factions putting themselves as one of the dominating factions this season.

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