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Treasure Wars Newsletter - "From The Ground Up"


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Greetings Adventurers!

Welcome to the 9th edition of the Treasure Wars Newsletter! The Newsletter is a place for all the recent goings on with Treasure Wars such as events, updates, community moments and more! It has been a long time since the last Newsletter, but we are super excited to be bringing it back so you are all kept in the loop! With the recent reset and upcoming re release we are very excited for the future of the server! The developers have been working super hard on fixing all the bugs so the server can reach its full potential! We know you all have been waiting and we hope you all will join us on Friday for the exciting re release of the Pirate Islands!

Current Staff Team



Senior Moderators




Junior Moderators



New Content

There is plenty of new exciting content planned for the future of Treasure Wars that you will want to check out!


Not every portal spawns you on safe ground, those at the catacombs certainly don’t. Positioning
you right in harms way, these ancient structures harbor some of TreasureWars’ most feared
demons. Entering these evil chambers will come at a cost, are you willing to pay the price?

New Warzone

This season there is a totally redesigned warzone with a total size of 1000 x 1000! With this new warzone the use of the enhanced render distance will really come into use, as you can now spot enemies, bosses, and everything else from further away.


A new rank is coming to Treasure Wars! Captain+ will have a monthly kit, the ability
to join beta servers with access to early content and multipliers for items such as warcoins
amongst other things, with many more perks as well! For more information about our new rank
head over to our server store.

Reworked Rifts

As stated previously on the TreasureWars twitter account,
rifts are back with the best rewards they’ve ever had! So be sure to log on and fight these new
and enhanced rifts which will be ruling the warzone.

Heroic Classes

The anticipated heroic classes are coming as new power for brave adventurers to harness, with
the new classes bringing a whole new tier of enchants that will rain hell upon your opponents.

Multiline Name Tags

Something that will be coming a little after reset is Multiline Name Tags! If you want to show off your faction name or any other name at all then you can with the new name tags. You could purchase them from the store, or even win exclusive non-purchasable tags in game.

TreasurePass, TreasureDiaries and Much More

Along with all the new exciting content we are also bringing back some popular features from
some of the previous seasons. Reintroducing TreasureDiaries, Unique Armor (Galaxy Armor)
and the TreasurePass!

Note From The Devs

Hey all, a quick update from us all.

We know not everything has been extremely smooth as of late, however, our number one priority is to deliver a much more stable platform to our community. Several announcements later in discord, we’ve finally reached a stage where we we're able to announce a date to officially reopen Pirate. With this reopening we will have the issue with consumables resolved, a much more reliable anti-cheat system in place and will finally iron out any other small bugs that remain on the server. Alongside this, we are providing the staff with brand new tools and options to ensure everyone has a great experience and that the rule breakers are kept at bay. As we’ve stated in previous announcements we will post regular updates where necessary to make sure you’re all kept up-to-date with our progress.


In the brand new Re Released Pirate Season 2, we will be having bi-weekly events. Some of the events will include admin boxes, scavenger hunts, capture the flag, and many many more! Some of the rewards will be things like in-game ranks, class gems, in-game money, pets and much more.

We are also actively recruiting for the Alpha Team. As a part of the Alpha team, you will work hand in hand with the staff team to suggest new events, content and to test updates. If you are interested in joining the Event, or Content team, feel free to
apply and may we wish you the best of luck!
Community Help

What are Helpers Responsible for?

Helpers are there to answer players questions and to moderate chat.

What are Junior Moderators Responsible for?

Junior Moderators are basically trial Moderators, they are there to, help players, moderate the chat, reply to discord tickets, and prepare for becoming a Moderator.

What are Moderators Responsible for?

Moderators are responsible for dealing with player reports, watching for hackers, moderating chat, and replying to discord tickets.

What are Senior Moderators Responsible for?

Senior Moderators are there to catch hackers, reply to discord tickets, deal with punishment appeals, moderate chat, and mentor lower ranked staff members.

Frequently Asked Questions

I used to play a different realm and I had a rank and classes but now they are gone?

They are not gone, you can receive them by going to the hub and typing /transfer, then go on the pirate realm and type /claim.

How do I make a support ticket?

On our
discord server simply type -new in the #bot-spam channel, then the TreasureBot will message you and you can create a ticket.

How do I report a hacker?

To report someone breaking the server rules you will need to submit a player report on the forums with video evidence.

How do I join the Staff Team?

In order to join the staff team you will need to meet the requirements and submit a staff application on the forums.

What is the Alpha Team?

The Alpha Team is split into two Teams, Content, and Events. The Content team comes up with new content for the server and then tests that content to make sure it is bug free. The event team plans events for the server and then helps create/host those events.

How do I join the Alpha Team?

To join the Alpha Team you will have to meet the requirements and submit a community relations application on the forums.

How do I appeal a punishment?

To appeal a punishment you will need to fill out a punishment appeal on the forums.

Would I get paid if I became staff?

No, staff members do not get paid as they volunteer their time to the server.

I found a bug on the server, what do I do?

To let the development team know of the issue you need to make a support ticket on our discord server.

I have purchased a package from the server store and I haven't received it.

Purchases can take up to 15 minutes to process, after 15 minutes make sure you have typed /confirm on the pirate realm, if your package is not in there please submit a support ticket on our discord server.

I have a suggestion for the server, where do I suggest it?

You can make a suggestion for the server two different ways, you can put it in the #suggestions channel on our discord server, or you can make a thread under Suggestions and Feedback on the forums.

Important Links

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Staff Recruitment

We are on the look out for more staff members! Do you have what it takes? Apply here to find out! Do you want to apply for a Senior Staff Position? Now you can! Simply send @CruderTax a direct message on discord and he will assist you from there.

Follow Our Discord

You can now follow our News channel on discord and receive updates in your own discord server! Simply go to the News channel and click follow, you then can select which server and which channel you would like to receive updates in.

Get Involved

Want to get involved in next month's edition of the TreasureWars Newsletter? Now you can! We will be taking TreasureWars video submissions for next month's Newsletter with the best video receiving a reward. These videos can be PvP montages, raid edits, key openings or anything exciting done on the Treasure Wars Server. If you want to enter a video please contact @NoobBusters via discord.

Hope you all enjoyed!

Best Regards,
The Treasure Wars Newsletter Team


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