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Treasure Wars Newsletter - "Frosty Start"

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Nerds “continue to dominate” but meanwhile grass is on f top by some insane figures... if one of my videos doesn’t get featured in the next one Ima flip lmao cuz it’s called GrassRealm for a reason

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Merry Christmas Adventurers!

Welcome back to our seventh installment of the Treasure Wars Newsletter! Recently, we have discussed and decided to change the entire concept of the Newsletter. We will be approaching this from a different angle to make it more of a community-friendly update feed with Raiding, Montages and other quality content from the past month on Treasure Wars!

There will also be a one use 20$ COUPON code given to the player with the best quality video each month. Congratulations to this months winner @Horn34! Be sure to check your forums messages for the code!

Staff Interview

This month, we have decided to tweak the interview to give you an in-depth look at the personality of our members of staff. For this months interview, we have Moderator @xDestructive interviewing Senior Moderator @CruderTax.

Would you like to ask one of our staff members a question in the next interview? Private message your question to @xDestructive on the forums or Kandy#2290 on Discord!

DexOP Downfall
Coming in at number one is Horn34 and his faction Nerds’ awesome raid montage on DexOP. With the use of a 255 Para-Fusion Adjustable X and Y OSRB cannon (I swear they just keep adding new words to cannon names every day), they were able to destroy the base in under fifteen shots. Will Horn and the rest of his gang continue to dominate bases on the beta realm?
Video Submitted By @Horn34
AngelFromHell and his faction "Raptor" are gearing up for the beta realm. As seen here, they are dominating not only the nether PvP but also the Treasure Vaults. They have been graced with a golden knife from our Lead Developer himself. Will all of this transfer onto the Pirate Realm or will they be lost in the onslaught of mayhem next season?

Video Submitted By @AngelFromHell
As Mayhem and havoc ensued across all realms Alimentary went on a killing spree, knifing anyone who stood in his way. There were a few who would bring him down, but he'd always manage to come back on top wearing the armour of the fallen foes. Now the question remains, will he continue ruling the realms even after Mayhem?

Video Submitted By Alimentary
Golden Spree
Back before the release of the Beta realm, @bailstar99 and his faction were dominating the server across multiple realms with the sharpest of golden knives and diamond swords. Bail managed to get four powerful god set kills and narrowly escape death after using a golden knife. In the end, all-powerful figures will fall and in this case, it happened in a golden failure.
Video Submitted By @bailstar99

Contact Us
Do you want to get involved in next month’s edition of the Treasure Wars Newsletter and have a chance at winning a $20 COUPON to our server store? Private message your creativity along with your forums account name to @TheWaterboy10, @_Loxx or @Landon

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year adventurers!
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