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Treasure Wars Newsletter: "New Year, New Memes"

TreasureWars Newsletter

TreasureWars Newsletter

January Newsletter, TreasureMemes & Scavenger Hunt

Happy 2019 Adventurers!
Welcome to the eighth installment of the TreasureWars Newsletter! After a successful first attempt at the community-based Newsletter, we are excited to share with you the most significant stories from the past month on the Beta Realm. Along with this, we have added two new sections to the Newsletter that we hope you will enjoy!

With the upcoming release of Pirate Islands we are expecting lots of great adventures and events to go down and we will be here to report them.
This past month leading up to the release of the Pirate Realm sure has been action filled with multiple blockbuster raids and god set kills.

Raid along with last season's Faction Top winner from the Cursed Desert realm Grass show off their cannoning skills in a payback raid on the Forgotten Faction Top winner Nerds. They used a 240 OSRB double tap, adjustable Y cannon to quickly decimate the thirds most valuable base on Beta. The raid took around 4 hours where they blasted through 4 regen filters, many pillars, a reverse 45° and 3 minechats. Will history repeat itself on the Pirate Islands, or will Nerds come out on top next time?

As the fight for faction top was getting tighter and tighter, Grass decided to take matters in their own hands. Unfortunately for Nerds, they were the faction on the receiving end once again. Grass used a 15 stacker 8 wide OSRB double tap cannon and successfully got in. But that wasn't enough to satisfy their needs! A few days later they came back with an even stronger cannon, the 140 8 wide para-fusion OSRB double tap. This ended unsuccessfully so in order to let out their anger they called on their allies Raid and destroyed Nerds and Raptor right in front of their base!

This month we have decided to add a new section to our newsletter called TreasureMemes. We hope that this section will increase community involvement by giving you a secondary option to join in on the fun. The TreasureMeme portion of the newsletter will include any images or short clips of TreasureWars related memes. Submissions can be sent to @TheWaterboy10 and @_Loxx via discord or forums.

Starting from this month, the release of the newsletter will be accompanied by a scavenger hunt event. A build will be placed somewhere in the overworld and it is your job to try and locate it for some awesome rewards.

Upon the crash of a ship on course to the Pirate Islands, lots of valuable treasure was left behind. It seems that a multicoloured distress beacon was set up to try to get any wandering adventurer's attention. It's all up to you to find the location of the crash and claim the loot for yourselves

The scavenger hunt will begin this Wednesday, January 30th at 4:00 PM EST/9 PM GMT. Apparently hidden in the ship is a buycraft voucher to the server store. I wonder what other treasure awaits you down there.

Good luck adventurers!

Do you want to get involved in next month’s edition of the Treasure Wars Newsletter and have a chance at winning a $20 COUPON to our server store? Private message your creativity along with your forums account name to @TheWaterboy10 or @_Loxx!

Happy Plundering Adventurers!

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