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Treasure Wars Newsletter - 'On Target'


TreasureWars Presents: On Target


Greetings Adventurers!

Welcome back to our 14th instalment of the Treasure Wars Newsletter! Within this newsletter, we have some exciting new streamers, and also another competition that you can all get stuck in to!

There is also a one-use $20 COUPON code given to the player with the best quality community video each month. Congratulations to this month's winner @ThemonDavid! Be sure to check your forums messages for the code!

Community Videos

Now it's time for this month's best community video! This month's winner @ThemonDavid was most voted for by the Newsletter Team so congratulations to them and good luck to everyone submitting videos for next month.


Treasure Wars' Streamers!

We now have the pleasure of working with Jerma985 and Swazzle! So please make sure you go to check out their socials. :heart:

Jerma985's Socials:

Swazzle's Socials:

This Month's Competition - 'TW Wordsearch'

The rules are simple, as soon as this Newsletter is posted it is a race for who can complete the word search first, as the first five people to DM @ThqtGirl/isobel#9999 either on the Forums or Discord with a completed version of the word search will receive the following rewards on the realm of their choice-

Thank you all for submitting your answers and having a go at the word search. We now have our winners:


1st Place Rewards-
3x Mythic War Keys
5x Heroic Scrolls
2x Empowered Slot Crystals
5x Iron Golem Spawners

2nd Place Rewards-
2x Mythic War Keys
4x Heroic Scrolls
1x Empowered Slot Crystal
3x Iron Golem Spawners

3rd Place Rewards-
1x Mythic War Key
3x Heroic Scrolls
3x Slot Crystal
1x Iron Golem Spawner

4th Place Rewards-
2x Rare War Keys
2x Heroic Scrolls
2x Slot Crystals
8x Blaze Spawners

5th Place Rewards-
1x Rare War Key
1x Heroic Scroll
1x Slot Crystal
4x Blaze Spawners

And finally the format you should follow when submitting your answers is as follows-
*Attached photo of the completed word search*

IGN: ThqtGirl
Faction: Example123
*Attached photo of the completed word search*


Interested In Joining The Newsletter Team?

Applications to the Newsletter Team are still open to the public if this is something you are interested in applying for then you can do so here.

What would I do in the NT?

If your application is successful then you'd join our existing team members in writing sections of the newsletter and also coming up with exciting new ideas and competitions! Everyone is welcome to apply from people who are passionate about writing to people that would just like to help us out with their enthusiasm and ideas, as we are specifically looking for player's input and views on the current sections that we have and what sections we could introduce in the future.

This Month's F-Top & Bal-Top

As the exciting race for the F-Top prizes carries on we take a look at the current top three factions and the top three wealthiest players:

*Taken around 48 Hours before the Newsletter is released

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I make a ticket?

A: Join our discord here and go to the #support channel, then react to the only message in that channel to create a ticket.

Q: How do I get my ranks/classes back?

A: You can run the command /transfer on the Pirate realm and if there is nothing in there then you can open a ticket on discord with the steps shown above and state your IGN along with the problem.

Q: How do you gain knowledge?

A: You can gain knowledge by killing people in the warzone or doing daily quests.

Q: What are Treasure Vaults?

A: Treasure Vaults are similar to King of the Hill's as you have to capture a point while battling different rifts. Also, each Treasure Vault gives you special perks and every two hours a boss will spawn that you can team up and kill for awesome rewards.

Q: Where do I apply for Staff, QA or Event?

A: You can apply for staff here, QA here and Event here.

Contact Us

Do you want to get involved in next month’s edition of the Treasure Wars Newsletter and have a chance at winning a $20 COUPON to our server store? Private message, via discord or forums, your community videos along with your forums account name to @ThqtGirl/isobel#9999.

Thanks for reading and have a great day, Adventurers!

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