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Treasure Wars Newsletter - "The Mystery"

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TreasureWars Newsletter

TreasureWars Newsletter

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Greetings Adventurers!

New mysterious structures have entered the four realms, it seems there is a portal of some kind! Where or what it leads to is unknown. Perhaps a new land, a new adventure, or maybe riches only prophesied in the ancient texts. Find out soon adventurers!

Welcome to the fourth newsletter being put out for the Treasure Wars Network. Thank you all for the mass amount of support you have given us over these past few months. The staff team will continue to keep you all updated with monthly News Letter!

Promotions to Helper:


Promotions to Jr. Mod:

Promotions to Mod:


Promotions to Senior Mod:

ItsAtlas_ - Senior Mod to Player
FlameHead321- Senior Mod to Player

Jesus101 - Mod to Player
Gunzal - Mod to Player
Nelly - Mod to Player
ArielRules97 - Jr. Mod to Player
TheSuprMan - Jr. Mod to Player
GenBear - Jr. Mod to Player
z4nrYx - Jr. Mod to Player
Aperson - Helper to Player
Rizkiin - Helper to Player

Current Staff Team

AzureDev (AEST)
Envyful (GMT/BST)
Menslooter (EST)
Huli (PST)
KozmicAbby (EST)

Senior Moderators
CruderTax (GMT/BST)
hellaflop (EST)
GamerGirl28 (EST)

CribzReloadz (GMT/BST)
FluffyPlays (GMT/BST)
ToooooooooooFast (EST)
Triviaz (GMT/BST)

Junior Moderators
Akat (PST)
heyimliz_ (EST)
TheWaterboy10 (GMT/BST)
TheSclooba (CST)

aagamer_24 (BST)
jjrocker138 (EST)
Mega (EST)
xDestructive (EST)

Implemented Server Updates
Rifts are back and stronger than ever with their new abilities! The Rift spawns every 45 Minutes in the Necromancer Den. Use /rift to see whenever the last rift was.

Cracked Runes
Applying a cracked rune to a piece of armour or weapon will take a random enchant from the item and will give you the enchant in rune form. You can get these from washups.

New Hub
Make sure to check it out and possibly find a few easter eggs within!

AFK Radius

This long requested feature has now been added. The AFK Radius has been doubled to 32.

Treasure Chests
These Treasure Chests are filled and with different items each month, these chests can be found on the server store.

Bug Fixes/Changed

Here is the list of bug fixes/changes that the Development Team has been tirelessly working on!
Make sure to thank them for their hard work and dedication.

Fixed the functionality of /f seechunk

Fixed /fill not working

Nerfed the chance of Vine Grasp procking

Allowed colour codes for /f title

Added "brag" message of the dead
person's inventory when they're golden knifed

Implemented some entity limits to prevent excessive lag

Made 10% of the stack die when a Ghast dies

Fixed ping issues at server spawns

Reduced chance of Golden Knife from Clue Scrolls

Fixed some backend issues with the Treasure Pass

Hopefully removed unnecessary one shot issues with clashing enchantments

Fixed trick shot messages
Redued chance of being "trickshotted"

Fixed commands in combat

Fixed some other backend issues

Made sell tokens work

Fixed some small issue with combat log commands

Some extra additions to make entity limits more efficient

Removed the ability to spawn

Creepers in the WarZone

Removed the ability to spawn Creepers in the Shop

Removed the ability to blow up the KoTH

Prevented creepers from blowing up Fences in the WarZone

Removed ability to destroy rose bushes in spawn

Fixed spectating duels not working

Removed pickpocket from Duels

Removed misleading holograms from race spawns

Fixed the 'Beahead the undead' clue step

Removed co-leaders being able to edit their own permissions

Fixed functionality of the Ignore Ally Chat command (/f tac)

Removed blocked commands from combat

Fixed backend vault issue

Added /f filter to filter items picked up by players

Removed "double enderpearl cooldown" glitch

Tweaked Anti-Cheat

Removed race buffs from duels

Fixed explosive immunity

Added back the ability to check obsidian's durability

The ability to proc enchants on holograms

Added back aliases for warps (i.e. /desert)

Stopped keys taking multiple when opening only one

Fixed faction perms regarding doors, and chests, not working

Iron Golems now stack and die at a 10% rate

Fixed ghasts not dying 10% of a stack at a time

Players are now combat tagged when attacking a mob

Fixed MagmaCubes spawning in weird sizes

MagmaCubes now die 10% of a stack at a time

Heroic loot table tweaked

Removed rotten flesh from Zombie Pigman drops

Tweaked IronGolem drops

Tweaked Ghast drops

Tweaked MagmaCube drops

Fixed internal issues

Fixed Entity drops

Changed Iron Golem death rate to 35% of a stack

Changed Ghast death rate to 35% of a stack

Changed Magma Cube death rate to 35% of a stack

Changed /f upgrades

Fixed /f upgrades coin upgrades not working

You don't get combat tagged by Holograms anymore

Removed ability blow up fences in warzone

Hoppers now correctly collect mob drops

Remove ability to place blocks outside the world border

Fixed Phasing/Border Bouncing 1.7 issue

Fixed some WarChest rewards that were broken

Fixed colouring issues in GUIs

Fixed clue 'Kill a player with an arrow'

Added some commands back into combat

Added /telllocation <relation> to inform a relation of your location (i.e. /tl ally)

Fixed different fence gates not being affected by /f perms

Changed AFK radius

Changed Gapple Sickness

Removed the ability to get the same clue step twice in a row

Changed Cracked Runes to use the
Destroy/Success rate on them for the rune received

Fixed enrage not applying to swords

Changed rates of Iron Golems

Fixed issues with Iron Blocks

Unblocked /tl in combat

Tweaked cannoning limits

Added TnT Bank (/f tntbank)

Added TnT Bank Permissions

Added TnT Bank upgrades

Made /fill use tnt from the faction tnt bank by default

Re-added lightning from the "Purge" enchant in WarZone

Added /fix to combat

Reduced lottery tax to 10%

Added /f filter to combat

Changed Ghast drops

Changed Magma Cube drops

Modified Iron Golem Drops

Changed Iron Golem drops

Fixed hoppers not picking up items

Fixed bugs with boss sets

Changed buffed enchants on the Wyvern armour

Removed Iron Blocks from Iron Golem drops

Fixed commands being blocked in combat that shouldn't be i.e. /msg

Removed the ability to "break" collection chests using Explosive

Removed the ability to pick pocket people with $0

Fixed pick pocket message

Fixed "max" swipe being 5

Fixed chat clear not clearing entire chat

Fixed chat spam from [trophy]

Removed people getting combat tagged by TnT whilst wearing Explosive Immunity

Increased spawner AFK radius

Fixed BeachBall pet causing 0 damage

Fixed "drawn" duels not giving some items back

Fixed Doors, and Chests being unable to be placed in ally land glitch

Fixed Treasure Merchant not telling players the possibility of getting a Common War Crate

Removed the instant teleportation from /tut start

Fixed Nightmare pet

Changed faction tnt bank upgrade to add 5,000 slots upon upgrade

Removed Fire Storm tagging Duel spectators

Fixed Faction upgrades complete message

Fixed auto loot not working

Fixed enchantments not procking when duels start

Fixed Sycthe Swipe damaging duel spectators

Fixed elf pets not agroing faction members when dueling

Fixed Ore Smelter and Fortune not working on Gold, and Iron Ores

Youtube Happenings

Once again this month we have the top community videos from the past month. If you are interested in having your video featured in next months NewsLetter, submit an entry to hellaflop (hellaflop#3856) on either discord or the forums!

First Place @GaaraOfBenton10
"What Happens When You Stream On A Factions Server?!? - Treasure Wars Factions"

Second Place @tooooooooooofast
"Treasure Wars | NEW CLASS & MONTHLY CRATE!?!?"

Third Place @SwantonMicah
"The First Koth On Treasure Wars!"

Staff Interview

Once again, we are back with the monthly interview! This month we had player, @notaeK interview our Lead Developer @AzureDev

Bal-top, F-Top and Discord Top

Here is this month top faction wealth, bal-top and discord top! Congratulations to Angel_Of_Hell
for having the highest bal-top through outall the realms and Vanquish for having the highest overall faction wealth! Also, congratulations to Unknown for being the highest rank in the Treasure Wars discord.






Community Help
What is the Helper team?
Helpers are there to moderate the chat, and offer in game assistance and advice. Helpers have access to /warn and /tempmute.

What is the Jr. Moderator team?
Jr. Mods are basically a trial mod rank. They have the command /ban, however, they can not permaban.

What is the Moderator team?
Mods have lots of new commands, such as /v and /scv. They are also there to offer general advice to people who may need it.

What is the Senior Moderator team?
Senior Mods has new commands and permissions available to them. They have access to /vanish, /god, /tpo, /fly, /ban, and /speed. We are on the prowl for any rule breakers and will be following players that we find that have certain indicators that they may be hacking. Ban team members do not play and have no bias due to this.

How do I become part of the Staff Team?
You must apply through the forums if you think you would be a great staff member!

I have no evidence can I ban this guy?
You need full screen video evidence to get someone banned - screenshots are not accepted by regular players. Only staff members can submit screenshots as proof.

Do staff need to make a ban report to ban a player?
No, they don’t. As long as they have sufficient evidence and provide the evidence in the ban command.

When will my ban appeal be looked at?
Your ban appeal will be looked at as soon as possible. Our Senior Mod team, as well as our administrators, have a lot to do and will get to it as soon as possible.

When will my staff application be looked at?
Staff applications are looked at every day. We like to watch the applicants before we proceed in the application process. This process can take quite long sometimes. If you ask about your application you will just lower your chances of getting staff.

My purchase did not go through?
Please wait two hours for the purchase to go through as sometimes the buycraft site does not complete instantly. If it still does not appear, please make a purchase help thread.

Useful Links:
  • What to do with hackers can be found here
  • How to use the resource system can be found here
  • Staff team roles / timezones can be found here

Thank you for reading this newsletter. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for the next newsletter, please comment under this post and we will get to your questions in the next instalment. Thank you all for your continued play and donations. I wish you all the best.

Happy Exploring!



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ItsAtlas_ - Senior Mod to Player
FlameHead321- Senior Mod to Player

Jesus101 - Mod to Player
Gunzal - Mod to Player
Nelly - Mod to Player
ArielRules97 - Jr. Mod to Player
TheSuprMan - Jr. Mod to Player
GenBear - Jr. Mod to Player
z4nrYx - Jr. Mod to Player
Aperson - Helper to Player
Rizkiin - Helper to Player
I know it's only minor, but I would really like to see this part say who resigned and who was demoted. Even if it was as small as a R or D ya know?


Active Member
I know it's only minor, but I would really like to see this part say who resigned and who was demoted. Even if it was as small as a R or D ya know?
Agreed beacuse aperntly thats a big deal now if u resgined or not bc if u got demoted as sr mod u dont get the “previous senior mod”


Well-Known Member
Agreed beacuse aperntly thats a big deal now if u resgined or not bc if u got demoted as sr mod u dont get the “previous senior mod”
Well it's fair, if you are demoted you do not receive the tag as you have been removed from the team. If you resign, and the admins see you deserve the tag, then they will give it to you, ya know?
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