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Treasure Wars Newsletter - 'The Return'

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Greetings Adventurers!

Here is the first revived newsletter put out for Treasure Wars Network. This has been widely suggested by the community, so thank you for the overwhelming support for the creation of this newsletter. I (@TheSuprMan), and @Felixthecat7 , will strive to continue bringing you a great guide to the upcoming updates, events and much more. So that we can keep you, the players, in the loop on everything that has been going on recently.
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Staff Updates
As per usual we are always looking for new top quality staff to join our team. However, asking staff to look at your application may jeopardize your chances at becoming staff, so please be patient. Since this is the first newsletter in a while we will only be stating the staff and their role on the network. From the next newsletter onward, we will state the current staff team, as well as promotions, resignations and demotions.

AzureDev (AEST)
LegendDev (GMT+1)
Envyful (GMT)
Menslooter (EST)
Huli (PST)

Senior Moderators:
Arcanum2210 (SGT)
Felixthecat7 (GMT)
Gunzal (CEST)

FluffyPlays (GMT)
KozmicAbby (EST)
Mega___ (EST)

hellaflop (EST)
Nelly (CST)
TheSuprMan (AEST)
tooooooooooofast (EST)
ItsAtlas_ (MST)

Server Updates
The Reset
Yes, the long awaited reset of taking place across all the realms. Which realms are staying, and which aren't, have not been decided yet, however the date has been confirmed to be the 29th of June! How exciting! A massive thank you to the development team who are working tirelessly to push this reset out.

Global Unban
At last, say a lot of you! We have talked amongst the staff team, and has decided that a Global Unban will bring a tonne of the playerbase back, and ultimately give everyone a second chance. But, don't blow your chance as the rules of the server still apply.

New Development team
A massive welcome to the new development team @AzureDev, @Huli, @Envyful and @LegendDev. If you don't know their roles please check this post.

Bug Fixes
The new development team have done an amazing job with all new bug fixes such as cannoning, creeper eggs, Necromancer, rune fixes and much much more!

More information on this can be found the reset, Devs, and global unban updates can be found here.

More information on the bug fixes can be found here.

Recent Rule Changes
Lava Protecting Spawners
Placing Lava within a 2 block radius of a spawner inside a base is not allowed on the Treasure Wars network and will result in a punishment. Placing lava around your spawners takes away from the cannoning aspect of factions and typically isn't fun for other players.

The punishments are as follows:

1st Offence: Verbal Warning to Change
2nd Offence: 3 Day Temporary Ban to Mods+
3rd Offence: 1 Week Temporary Ban to Mods+
4th Offence: Permanent Ban to Mods+ and a Faction Disband

Duping/Duplication of In Game Items
Possession of in game items that have been duplicated will result in a permanent ban with no chance of an unban. This affects the realm economy in a very negative way by inflating the global balance of items and bringing down their values.

Duplicating in game items themselves will result in a Permanent IP Ban from the server with no chance of appeal. Reporting players may result in a possible reward if found guilty. Players who are punished for suspected duping but have no duplicated items in their inventory or vaults will be given the option for a reduced ban if they give sustainable evidence to an Administrator of other players who may be duping.

Excessive Ban Evasion
So we can prevent people from ban evading further, we have a rule to prevent ban evasion on the server. If found ban evading on multiple accounts (3 or more), you will be punished through the forums and the discord with a Network Ban.

The full rules can be found here.

Messages to players:
Yay! Finally a confirmed time for reset, the 29th of June. Get ready to no-life Treasure Wars again!

There is an event this weekend at 1pm EST. More information can be found here, and rules of the event can be found here.

We are always on the look out for new staff!

Global unban does NOT apply to DDosers, Doxxers or chargeback bans!

Youtube Happenings
Starting up again, we will be posting the top three community videos of the month in the newsletter. To enter private message either TheSuprMan (TheSuprMan#0624), or Felixthecat7 (Felixthecat7#0540) your video link, and we will watch and decide on the top three to be featured here. Here are some example videos of what we are looking for.

The top 3 this time are:

Congratulations to,

First place:

Second Place

Third Place

Baltop And F-Top
Bandit F-Top:
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Bandit Bal-Top:
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Cursed F-Top:

Cursed Bal-Top:
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Forgotten F-Top:
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Forgotten Bal-Top:
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Reforged F-Top:
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Reforged Bal-Top:
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Congratulations to the richest across all realms, MacheteMassacre, and the richest faction across all realms, YouBetterRun! Well done!

Community Help
What is the Helper team?
Helpers are there to moderate the chat, and offer in game assistance and advice. Helpers have access to /warn and /tempmute.

What is the Moderator team?
Mods have a tonne of new commands, such as /ban and /mute. They are also there to offer general advice to people who may need it.

What is the Senior Moderator team?
Senior Mods has new commands and permissions available to them. They have access to /vanish, /god, /tpo, /fly, /ban, and /speed. We are on the prowl for any rule breakers and will be following players that we find that have certain indicators that they may be hacking. Ban team members do not play and have no bias due to this.

How do I become part of the Staff Team?
You must apply through the forums if you think you would be a great staff member!

I have no evidence can I ban this guy?
You need full screen video evidence to get someone banned - screenshots are NOT ACCEPTED by regular players. Only staff members can submit screenshots as proof.

Do staff need to make a ban report to ban a player?
No, they don’t. As long as they have sufficient evidence and provide the evidence in the ban command.

When will my ban appeal be looked at?
Your ban appeal will be looked at as soon as possible. Our Senior Mod team, as well as our administrators, have a lot to do and will get to it as soon as possible. On top of this, if your appeal has been denied you need to wait a full two weeks before appealing again, otherwise your new appeal will be auto denied.

When will my staff application be looked at?
Staff applications are looked at every day. We like to watch the applicants before we proceed in the application process. This process can take quite long sometimes. If you ask about your application you will just lower your chances of getting staff.

When is reset happening?
The 29th Of June!

My purchase did not go through?
Please wait two hours for the purchase to go through as sometimes the buycraft site does not complete instantly. If it still does not appear, please make a purchase help thread here.

Useful links
Official staff application guide can be found here
What to do with hackers can be found here
Making the perfect 40 lore can be found here
Full custom rune list can be found here
How to use the resource system can be found here
Staff team roles / timezones can be found here

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If you have any complaints about staff, you can contact @Menslooter.

Thank you for reading this newsletter. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for the next newsletter, please comment under this post and we will get to your questions in the next instalment. Thank you all for your continued play and donations. I wish you all the best.

Happy Exploring!
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