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Treasure Wars Newsletter - "The Revival"



TreasureWars Presents: The Revival

Greetings Adventurers!

Welcome back to our tenth instalment of the Treasure Wars Newsletter! Recently, we've seen spectacular events, including the new PongWars event! Read below to find out more.

There is also a one-use $20 COUPON code given to the player with the best quality community video each month. Congratulations to this months winner @Abstraact! Be sure to check your forums messages for the code!


Mayhem is well underway on Pirate with godly loot up for grabs, make sure to hop on so you can get involved and not miss out on the action with the mayhem kits available in /class the PvP opportunities are endless!

Community Videos

Treasure Wars | Pirate Islands Reset Montage!
by Abstraact
As seen in the video Abstraact, who is one of our long time staff members and OG players demonstrates his impressive PvP skills by raking in a number of player kills. This showcase video illustrates how incredible at PvP he is, as he normally patrols solo against some of the best players and factions on the server and still comes out on top.

Taking fiveguys for a walk | treasure wars montage
by Naughte
Watch as the DracoMode faction reveal their ganking skills and how they get all their 40 lore god sets, the video shows Naughte fighting another faction and displaying some gear they got after the fight, showing just how rewarding it can be to get better at pvping and how getting better sets can help in fights.

Hoes Madd Realm - 40 lore Kills (Treasure Wars)
By Miinties
Along with the help of their faction, Miinties is a force to be reckoned with. HoesMadd clearly demonstrates that this indeed was their realm by totalling thirteen 40 lore kills in this video! The question that we are all asking is, will next season be theirs as well?

Treasure Wars God Set PvP Montage! (Minecraft Factions)
by SvgZ
As the pirate season comes to an end, PVP has yet to do so. The realms top fighters go at it to kill everyone with no mercy. Killing 6 people in a 5-minute video while mixing feelings with emotional music.

by tooooooooooofast
Recently, tooooooooooofast and Dracomode have been tearing up the Warzone picking up kill after kill and showing why they are definitely a faction to be feared in the upcoming season!

Treasure Wars' Youtubers!
As you may have noticed we now have the Youtuber/Media rank so we have the pleasure of working with Brawlator and TheMutantHusk! So please make sure you go to check out their channels. :heart:

Brawlator's Channel:

TheMutantHusk's Channel:


This month we have decided to reintroduce a section to our newsletter called TreasureMemes. We hope that this section will increase with community involvement by giving you a secondary option to join in on the fun. The TreasureMeme portion of the newsletter will include any images or short clips of TreasureWars related memes. Submissions can be sent to @ThqtGirl/isobel#9999 via forums or discord.

By tooooooooooofast

By tooooooooooofast

By MattHawkk

By Abstraact

This Month's Events


The PongWars event consisted of 8 factions battling it out in a good old-fashioned game of beer pong. The rules were simple, there were 2 players on each team with each player having to throw an ender pearl into a cup. If the player landed in the cup, the redstone lamp signifying where the cup is would be switched off. If both players on one team land successfully in a cup, they get to go again. The objective was to land in every single cup before the opposition in order to secure yourself a place in the next round.

There were many exciting games throughout the event with a notable 15-0 win for Nature over Royal. The final consisted of Cloud vs Nature with Nature edging a narrow victory over Cloud.

Scavenger Hunt:
To celebrate Easter players participated in a thrilling scavenger hunt! Players searched a 30x30 area, looking for mystery loot that varied in tiers. The area included 2 parkours which held GODLY loot. The players who completed the parkour first would discover a chest containing the limited Killer Bunny Class! Players also had to locate the maze which was hidden beneath the mountains guarded by bunnies. The player who reached the end of the maze first would receive

Senior Members Roles and The Staff Team

As there have been a lot of role changes going on recently we thought that it would be best to clarify what each person does.

CruderTax and xDestructive are in charge of the Staff Team, meaning that they look through helper applications submitted by the community and interview those who they feel could be suitable for the helper role. They also deal with the overall behaviour and management of the staff team. If you have any concerns or issues with a member of staff please feel free to DM either Kandy#2290 or CruderTax#0001 on Discord. Subsequently, if you are interested in joining the staff team, you can apply here.

Krysek and GamerGirl28 will be in charge of Alpha Team, meaning that they are responsible for the event’s that take place on the server and also recruiting people for the team. Similarly, they deal with the overall behaviour of the Alpha Team. So if you have any issues with a member then feel free to DM Marissa#0511 or Krysek#3762. If you are interested in joining the alpha team then you can apply here.

ThqtGirl will be in charge of the Newsletter, and that includes working with and selecting members who are best suited for the team. Along with this, ThqtGirl is also responsible for delegating the separate sections that make up the newsletter to different members and the overall editing of the post. Unlike the staff team and the alpha team, it is not currently open for players to join due to the sensitive information included and the overall structure.

Contact Us

Do you want to get involved in next month’s edition of the Treasure Wars Newsletter and have a chance at winning a $20 COUPON to our server store? Private message, via discord or forums, your community videos along with your forums account name to @ThqtGirl/isobel#9999.

Thanks for reading and have a great day, Adventurers!

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