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Treasure Wars Newsletter - 'The Right Direction'


TreasureWars Presents: The Right Direction


Greetings Adventurers

Welcome back to our 13th instalment of the Treasure Wars Newsletter! Within this newsletter, we take a look at the powerhouses of the Pirate Islands, some more great community videos submitted by the wonderful player base and also another competition that you can all get involved with!

There is also a one-use $20 COUPON code given to the player with the best quality community video each month. Congratulations to this month's winner @ThemonDavid! Be sure to check your forums messages for the code!

A Special Community Video: 'Staff Setup Wars'

This month the staff team got involved in making a 'setup reveal' video as a bit of lighthearted fun. Make sure to give it a watch and if your faction wants to do something similar then you go ahead and don't forget to submit your video as it could end up winning in next month's edition!

Community Videos

Now it's time for this month's community videos! We have the best videos submitted by the community and this month's winner @ThemonDavid was most voted for by the Newsletter Team so congratulations to them and good luck to everyone submitting videos for next month.

'Twars Montage'
By Twars
'Treasure Wars | First Week PvP Montage!'
By Abstraact
'A Man of Many Names | a Jenny Montage'
By Lucifierv
'Tons Of God Set Kills! : Treasure Wars Factions'
By Aluurt

Treasure Wars' Youtubers!

Similarly to last month we now have the Youtuber/Media rank so we have the pleasure of working with TheMutantHusk! So please make sure you go to check out their channel. :heart:

TheMutantHusk's Channel:

This Month's Competition - 'Skin Contest'

For this month's competition, we held a Skin Contest where players would submit their custom made skins and the best one would win a big prize!

Congratulations to GotGaps/@sjantonio for winning! Be sure to check your forums messages for how to claim your prizes!

Theme: Necromancer, it's absolute unit reward, and it's lightning ability.

The Evil Necromancer that once took over all the land on the Pirate Islands. During the war over the island, The Necromancer has been taking power from the most powerful rune of all the lands. It's once said when The Necromancer is defeated the legendary hero will gain the power and reunite all of the Pirate factions.

If you would like to get a better look at the skin you can view it here.

Next Month's Competition - 'TW Wordsearch'

Similarly to the 'TW Crossword' next edition, we are going to be posting a Treasure War's themed Word Search! The first 5 players to message @ThqtGirl/isobel#9999 a completed version will win great rewards! Make sure you are on the lookout for the post which will be released on the 10th of August.

Interested In Joining The Newsletter Team?

Applications to the Newsletter Team are still open to the public if this is something you are interested in applying for then you can do so here.

What would I do in the Newsletter Team?

If your application is successful then you'd join our existing team members in writing sections of the newsletter and also coming up with exciting new ideas and competitions! Everyone is welcome to apply from people who are passionate about writing to people that would just like to help us out with their enthusiasm and ideas, as we are specifically looking for player's input and views on the current sections that we have and what sections we could introduce in the future.

This Month's FTop & Baltop

Although the season is far from done it is still interesting to look at what factions are on top at this point in the season and currently it is:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I make money?

A: You can go into warzone and do washups, you can make a farm, you can do /diaries to complete the challenges and sell the rewards!

Q: How do I report a Hacker/Rule Breaker?

A: Record the proof of the offence taking place and make a ban report here.

Q: How do I get a Clue Scroll?

A: Grind 75k XP and type /warp shop, then run down the steps and go to the right there will be a clue merchant, you can then buy the Clue Scroll from there.

Q: Can I get Ranks/Classes Via In-Game rewards?

A: Yes, through Clue scrolls, Heroic crates, Treasure Diaries and War chests

Q: When was last reset?

A: The last reset was 06/13/2020

Contact Us

Do you want to get involved in next month’s edition of the Treasure Wars Newsletter and have a chance at winning a $20 COUPON to our server store? Private message, via discord or forums, your community videos along with your forums account name to @ThqtGirl/isobel#9999.

Thanks for reading and have a great day, Adventurers!

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