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Treasure Wars Newsletter - "The Season End"

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TreasureWars Newsletter

TreasureWars Newsletter
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Greetings Adventurers!

Welcome to the second newsletter being put out for the Treasure Wars Network. The support for the continuation of this newsletter was immense, hence why myself (@Felixthecat7) & @TheSuprMan will continue bringing you a summary of upcoming updates, recent events, cool community moments and much more so that you, the players are in the loop on all the happenings this last month! We hope you enjoy it, thanks in advance for the support!
Staff updates

After our recent 'promotion wave' of amazing new helpers joining our team (please give your congratulations to all of them), staff applications are currently closed. As per usual, we will still be on the lookout for potential staff candidates once the opportunity arrises. With that being said, we will still give you a list of promotions and resignations as well as a list of the current team.

Promotions to Helper:

Promotions to Moderator:

Promotions to Senior Moderator:

Arcanum2210 from Senior Moderator to Moderator:

Current Staff Team:
AzureDev (AEST)
LegendDev (CEST)
Envyful (BST)
Menslooter (EST)
Huli (PST)

Senior Moderators:
KozmicAbby (EST)
Felixthecat7 (BST)
Gunzal (CEST)
Flamehead321 (MST)

FluffyPlays (BST)
Mega___ (EST)
Nelly (CST)
Arcanum2210 (SGT)
hellaflop (EST)
tooooooooooofast (EST)
ItsAtlas_ (MST)

TheSuprMan (AEST)
GamerGirl28 (EST)
Jesus101 (CST)
xElite (EST)
Ninjaslayer (PST)
GenBear (AEST)
vza (TRT)
Triviaz (BST)

CribzReloadz (BST)

Implemented Server Updates

Discord Changes
Recently, our server discord has had some style changes added 'Ranks', a brand new leveling system and other aesthetic changes. Congrats to those with the highest discord levels:

After much request from the community, the Treasure Wars Raidshop has finally made its return to Treasure Wars. Use the command /raidshop to access it. Well done to the developers to make this amazing GUI - what a relief to the raiders!

Again, after request from the community, we have implemented the command /washup which shows you the amount of time since the very last Washup happened.

Finally after popularity in the Treasure Wars Community upvote, showcase was added to allow players to see your amazing items and you can see others for eternity, yes even after reset!

Bug fixes

Finally, here is a list of all the bug fixes that occurred this month that the development team have been tirelessly working on. These fixes aren't easy so hat's off to their amazing hard work!
Items don't burn in lightning, lava, or fire anymore.
Beachball pet now works on same race.
Player count in tablist removes vanished players.
Lottery not limiting to 60% pot cap over 100k fixed.
/fill now assigns item ids correctly (wool wasn't working correctly)
Rift Crystals now will respawn after being /lightning'd
Cannons should work now
Regeneration walls 'clip block'
Placing water in enemy territory
Teleporting to duel arenas
Unable to place creeper eggs on spawners in enemy land
Sand not falling properly
Dropped items burning
Piston limits raised
Back-end optimizations
Slime spawners aren't working outside slime chunks.
Duel tp glitch.
Players join and sometimes randomly puts in ban lobby.
Placing water buckets in other territory.

All the main threads for that summary can be found here:

Messages To Players
Treasure Wars unfortunately got blacklisted by the EULA. Whilst the admins are working tirelessly to work it out with Mojang / Microsoft, you can connect to the server by changing your IP address from to!

Congratulations to all the recent event winners, winning the admin box event and the God rank giveaway!

We are getting pretty close to reset now, get your faction ready, make a plan and be quick to dominate the realms - the global unban and reset happens on the 29th of June!

Please vote on the poll at the top of this thread on whether you would like to see a reset special newsletter shortly after reset occurs!

The staff applications have officially closed - keep an eye out for when they reopen.

There have been many spoilers for upcoming updates ready to be rolled out on reset, this includes
- Chunkbusters
- Challenges (season pass and starter challenges)
- Old enchants back
- EULA compliance merchant
- /showcase
- Cannon Realm
- Plus much much more
If you have any problems with a staff member, contact either Menslooter or LegendDev via forums or discord!

Youtube Happenings:
This month we are back with three more top community videos from the past month. Thank you to the countless submissions that were sent in, they were truly amazing and was extremely hard to decide who would make this list! Please continue to send in all submissions to either myself (felixthecat7#0540) or SuprMan (TheSuprMan#0001) through discord or the forums!

First place: @Abstract_PvP - Treasure Wars "The Return"
Second place: @AlexIsOp - Grass split Hellacash
Third place: @H20 - Redemption raid NJL

Staff interview

A few weeks ago the suggestion of adding a staff interview into the newsletter came up, and well this week, it's added! Our first interview is being held by the player @AlexIsOp who is interviewing one of our developers @Envyful, and what an interview it was!
Baltop & F-Top

This is the final baltop and faction top of this season, congrats to the richest players and factions on each realm and congrats to MacheteMassacre for being the richest player across all realms and Grass for being the richest faction.





Community Help
What is the Helper team?
Helpers are there to moderate the chat, and offer in game assistance and advice. Helpers have access to /warn and /tempmute.

What is the Moderator team?
Mods have lots of new commands, such as /ban and /mute. They are also there to offer general advice to people who may need it.

What is the Senior Moderator team?
Senior Mods has new commands and permissions available to them. They have access to /vanish, /god, /tpo, /fly, /ban, and /speed. We are on the prowl for any rule breakers and will be following players that we find that have certain indicators that they may be hacking. Ban team members do not play and have no bias due to this.

How do I become part of the Staff Team?
You must apply through the forums if you think you would be a great staff member!

I have no evidence can I ban this guy?
You need full screen video evidence to get someone banned - screenshots are not accepted by regular players. Only staff members can submit screenshots as proof.

Do staff need to make a ban report to ban a player?
No, they don’t. As long as they have sufficient evidence and provide the evidence in the ban command.

When will my ban appeal be looked at?
Your ban appeal will be looked at as soon as possible. Our Senior Mod team, as well as our administrators, have a lot to do and will get to it as soon as possible.

When will my staff application be looked at?
Staff applications are looked at every day. We like to watch the applicants before we proceed in the application process. This process can take quite long sometimes. If you ask about your application you will just lower your chances of getting staff. Staff applications are currently closed.

When is the reset and global unban happening?
The 29th Of June!

My purchase did not go through?
Please wait two hours for the purchase to go through as sometimes the buycraft site does not complete instantly. If it still does not appear, please make a purchase help thread.

Useful Links:
  • What to do with hackers can be found here
  • Making the perfect 40 lore can be found here
  • Full custom rune list can be found here
  • How to use the resource system can be found here
  • Staff team roles / timezones can be found here
Thank you for reading this newsletter. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for the next newsletter, please comment under this post and we will get to your questions in the next instalment. Thank you all for your continued play and donations. I wish you all the best.

Happy Exploring!
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