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TreasureWars Pirate Realm Re-Release!

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TreasureWars Pirate Re-Release
[April 6th @ 3 PM EST]

Hey Adventurers,

Most of you that may be from the Discord are already familiar with what went on today.

There have been many item duplications, crashing, lagging and many other issues since the release of Pirate. Some of which we were able to solve quickly and some of which not so quickly. The duplication bugs have dramatically affected the servers economy and crashing at the start of the map made it unfair to people who got corner claims, then during the crashes, the claims weren’t saved so when the server came back up others took them, which happened multiple times.

Today’s issue with the rollback was caused by one of our own developers uploading a system that automatically took a heap dump when certain conditions were met, this system was on the server for two days. While it was on it filled up the drive space on the server causing data loss with Factions, PlayerVaults, AuctionHouse and anything that was stored via flat file. We tried to roll it back but we would have had to roll back the entire two days and we came to the conclusion that due to all the issues stacking up a re-release was the best viable option.

We will be re-releasing the Pirate realm because of the issues we experienced today.

The original Pirate realm will remain online and we will be hosting a giveaway/compensation weekend to keep players entertained for the next couple days. We will be giving out keys, loot crates, and much more to inflate the economy throughout the week and find any possible lingering bugs left on the server so our re-release can be as smooth as possible

We apologize for the issues that were present when we first opened Pirate as well as the constant issues that have occurred throughout the past couple weeks the server has been opened. The issues that happened could not have been prevented and there was no way to spot them out without pushing forward. For all the players that put a lot of time into the server, we will have a way to compensate you to make sure none of that time went to waste.
(Please note: Everything that was purchased on the original Pirate realm will be re-redeemable through /confirm on the re-release.)

Thank you for bearing with us and we hope to see you all again on the re-release!
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