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TreasureWars Status Update

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Anti cheat is extremely buggy atm. Focus devs on that so the game is playable. Also free me from my mutes in the discord and ingame please and thanks!


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There's no point trying to fix the lag for 300+ players because ngl I've never seen that many people on twars. Work on something more useful instead.


Hey Adventurers,

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been hard at work to repair and restore TreasureWars to a playable state. We understand that recently we may have been unreliable due to all the issues that the realm has been experiencing. Moving forward, we are going to attempt to redeem ourselves by firstly giving out some worthy compensation. Secondly, we will be holding our weekly Friday key-alls. In addition to this, we will be detailing the development plans for the coming months later in this announcement.

After experiencing recent issues on the server with various items being cleared, we have created a compensation crate full of all the necessary items you’d need to continue to enjoy your experience on the Pirate Islands.

We will be returning all the items that have been purchased from our store from the past 7 days before the recent issues that surfaced. If you have purchased items from the store within this time, please create a purchase help thread on our forms. In order to claim your compensation, the command /comp will be available for a limited time in game, where you will be able to redeem a loot crate similar to our monthly crates which will give you a random assortment of items. Compensation will be released this Friday. Alongside this, expect some giveaways on our Twitter and on our Discord server this weekend.

Every Friday, beginning this week, we will be holding key-all on the Pirate Islands. These will be announced ahead of time on our Discord server in the #key-alls channel.

Development Plans
We have been hard at work narrowing down the lag issues as they appear and we believe we have the server to a state where it can handle 300+ players. Our goal moving forward is to have a major content update being released bi-weekly with occasional events on the off weeks. It is also our intention to release a Summer 2019 road-map of our development plans in the coming weeks.

@BlazingTide will be taking control of the majority of the new content releases. @Envyful will be focusing mainly on maintaining the smooth player experience and dealing with bugs and issues that arise. Once we have little to no bugs we will be fully focused on providing consistent updates based on your suggestions.

We are excited to announce our reformed alpha team that will be taking on more of a quality testing role. Soon we will be opening up applications for this team. The goal for this will be to focus on ironing out all the bugs and potential issues with all of our new content releases along with current features.

We have just added a new anti-cheat to the server that will be able to detect the majority of blatant hackers. We will continue to develop this anti-cheat as more issues appear until hackers are weeded out of the server.

We have drastically improved the development environment and we are continuing to implement solutions so our teamwork and workflow is faster and more efficient. We have big plans for TreasureWars in 2019 and we hope to exceed your expectations.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and we’re sorry for the various issues that have arisen once again. We hope that you’re as excited as we are moving forward for all our future plans for the server and we look forward to releasing them to you in the coming months. Moving forward we are looking to ensure these issues are fixed and prevented before they get to the release and hope not to allow another big mistake like this to happen again. We will continue our 40% sale throughout the week, and we increase the sale to 45% this weekend. You can visit our store here.
Lets go!!
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