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TreasureWars Uprising Pirate Islands Patch Notes

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Greetings Adventurers!

The time has finally arrived for what you all have been waiting for... all the changes, updates, and fixes you can expect to see for our reset at 4 PM EDT/7 PM BST!

PvP Changelog
We heard a lot of your concerns over the current state of PvP and we have gone ahead and spent the last few weeks with our Beta Testers re-balancing all of our enchants and making sure they work as intended. The re-balancing consisted of removing some enchants, re-purposing others and changing the numbers on almost all enchants. Instead of listing everything that has changed because that would take an hour, we have created a /runes command that all players can access showing you detailed descriptions of each and every enchant we have to offer.

Here is a look at our most notable changes:

  • Platemail now stacks and goes up to level 3. Each level of Platemail provides 2% damage resistance.
  • Purge and Holy Smite now temporarily disables Platemail for a maximum of 5 seconds. This means no more re-applying your armor.
  • Lifesteal now has a 100% proc chance but will heal for less upon each hit.
  • Divine has been removed.
  • EXP Drain now has a 100% proc chance.
  • Block has been renamed to Parry.
  • Blessed is now an uncommon enchantment.
  • Anti-Life negates wither and poision and will heal you for the amount of damage you would have taken.
  • Fat now works
  • Dodge now stacks
  • Life Essence has been buffed but now has a 4 second cooldown.
The rest of the changes can be seen using /runes in-game.

Heroic Enchantments
As the Necromancer has risen, he has brought with him some peculiar relics that are hidden around Pirate. Which Adventurer will be first to find said relics and harness their power?

Absolute Unit:
Max Level: 1
Description: Further enhances your resistances with an extra 6% damage resistance.

As of now there only seems to be 1 Heroic Enchantment but some Adventurers have some intelligence that there may be more hidden and arriving in the near future.

Loot Tables
Every single loot table has been revamped and now have Rank Gems and Class Gems in some of the tables including Rare and Mythic Keys along with Legendary and Heroic Clue Scrolls. We believe that these new tables should help with balance and keeping the server economy at a stable state.

Economy Rebalancing
We have taken the time to look at all aspects of our economy after last season and have made some tweaks accordingly. The price of iron has been reduced by $5 to slow down the progress of making money from Iron Golem Spawners as it was far too easy last season. We also have tweaked some of the spawn rates as well for a more balanced feel.
The number of rewards from clue scrolls has been decreased for tiers Special to Heroic also in effort to slow down progression with these new tables.

As mentioned in our last post, Coinflips will be making a return this season with a cool GUI which updates with all current pending flips. Who will be the luckiest Adventurer and pull away with heaps of gold?

Auction House
We have taken all your feedback and returned to the old auction house system that you all preferred from seasons in the past. With the return of the old system, we are certain the Auction House will return to the staple it once was here on TreasureWars. By running the command /ah sell (amount) while holding an item you can list an item to the Auction House. Players are able to purchase items from the Auction House by simply clicking an item in the /ah GUI.


Demon Rifts

Ascending from the depths of Reforged, the Demon rifts have made their way back to the Pirate Islands are ready for vengeance. They have returned with an upgraded skill set that only the strongest of Adventurers will be able to tackle and defeat. Not a lot is known about these creatures so it is up to you to find these demons and destroy them.

Rules and Regulations Update

Fly Boost is now a Blacklisted Modification and will result in a Tier 3 punishment.
Bugs/Exploits now follow the Tier 2 punishment ladder. However, some bugs/exploit punishments that are severe will result in a harsher punishment.
Insiding now follows the Tier 3 punishment ladder.
Added details to the spam rule.
Bypassing chat filter rule has now been added under the Tier 1 punishment ladder.
Discord advertisement for Faction Discords is now allowed.

Reset Details

Map Size: The Over-world is 20,000 x 20,000 blocks which means that the world border is 10k. The Nether world is 10,000 x 10,000 which means that the world border is 5k.

B-Claiming: For a claim to be considered a corner claim, the faction that has claimed the actual corner chunk, has ownership of the corner. Any other factions who have claims in their buffer will be removed during the 24 hour period. In this 24 hour period, the faction who owns the corner must complete their buffer. If they do not complete it within the 24 hours, other factions will be allowed to b-claim. This rule is not valid for any claim that is not in the corner. This rule will only be valid for 24 hours after the reset date. All reports of this must be reported within 24 hours and videos must have a visible date and time. If you submit a report regarding this rule, please wait patiently as these can only be dealt with by the administration team, the usual process is first asking the player to unclaim the land and if that process doesn't work or is required to be skipped then an immediate unclaim of the land is enacted.

Claiming more than one corner: You ARE NOT allowed to claim more than 1 corner per faction. This DOES include alt factions. This also includes any attempt to go "solo" from your faction to obtain a second corner claim. Any attempts to exploit/circumvent this rule will result in a punishment.

30% Anniversary Sale + Reset Booster Pack
Just a reminder that we will be having a 30% sale off most store items so be sure to grab some packages to push yourself ahead of the competition. Our seasonal reset booster pack is now on the store and contains items suitable for your base making needs all for just under $30! Here is the list of items that are in the booster pack:
  • 32 Chunk Busters
  • 128 of all Gen Buckets
  • 200k money
  • 250 any mcMMO
  • 1 Mythic Key
That's it for this set of patch notes and with all that said, we'd like to welcome you to Season 1 of TreasureWars Uprising on the Pirate Islands. We can't wait to see you all on Pirate later today!
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hey i cant log on it says ive already logged in do u know what i should do
Server is just having some issues, there will be a que depending on what rank you have. So staff will be allowed on first, then alpha team then it will be from God+ Rank downwards. It will be resolved soon :)
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