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Turn off Pickpocket with /withdraw disabled!


People are running around with $50 million in there balance due to the disabling of /withdraw.
This means that people are loosing hundreds of thousands of dollars due to the pickpocket enchantment.
Please disable pickpocket until /withdraw is re-enabled...


+1 Pickpocket should temporarily be disabled while /withdraw isn't currently available as players are losing their money down to no fault of their own


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Get on an alt, put something on ah for your balance and buy it with main simple as that


New Member
The reason of the removal of the withdrawal system was most likely to assist in preventing dupes. Understandably, the pickpocket addition may help some of the greedy people who love stealing your cash, I feel like it too should be disabled until they either find a fix to the dupe glitches or if they just remove pickpocket in its entirety.