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Warzone Bosses, Treasure Diaries, TreasurePass, and the June Treasure Chest

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Greetings Adventurers!

As promised in our teaser, here is the full announcement of what to expect today. We also have a lot of extra features that we didn’t tease yesterday that we will be releasing in today's update!


He’s been away for a while but now he’s back and better than ever. We’ve made some massive changes to make sure he’s no easy fight. So, what have we changed?:
  • Spawns every 6 hours.
  • Spawns with a minimum health of 25,000 and can reach a maximum health of 30,000.
  • Bows will not work on the necromancer.
  • Remains on ground level to make attacking the boss much easier.
  • Healers spawn around the Necromancer every 15 minutes, so make sure to neutralise it fast. It is imperative that you kill these healers as soon as possible or else you will face a much more tiresome fight.
  • In order to kill the boss ALL healers must be killed first.
  • Necromancer will cause you to levitate then smash you down if you have dealt multiple hit chains to it.
  • Skeleton Riders & Hellhounds spawn when healers are damaged.
  • Necromancer has a very rare chance to throw you high up in the air dealing mass damage.

Corrupted Wandering Champion

A few months back you might’ve seen this boss make a return and then make a swift exit after he decided to one shot people while invisible. We’ve brought him back, making sure that this time he does not decide to magically disappear. This applies to all bosses to make sure we don’t experience this issue again. On top of this, we’ve prevented the boss from leaping into spawns and causing damage to players there. Here’s a shortlist to what we’ve changed for the wandering champion:

  • Maximum health is 6,000.
  • Increased his overall speed.
  • Decreased the amount of times the boss throws you up in the air.
  • Reduced invisibility.
Brotherhood Phantom

The previous Phantom boss had a much more basic concept and wasn’t really considered a difficult target. We’ve changed quite a few things about this boss, some of you may have already noticed one major change we did that was teased on our Twitter. Here’s a list of our changes:

  • Maximum health is 3,000.
  • Movement speed drastically increased.
  • Has a chance to cause a constant damage effect for a short period of time.
  • Spawns “Phantoms” that are an exact replica of the boss with reduced health.
Treasure Imp

Considered the rat of the realm, the Treasure Imp hasn’t had many changes applied to it however, we have prevented it from randomly teleporting away from the users and for some reason a little issue where they’d spawn on bats and you wouldn’t be able to damage them. Shortlist of changes below:

  • Maximum health set at 100.
  • General fixes to make damaging the mob easier.
  • Loot is now dropped when the mob dies not when it’s damaged.
Diaries and the TreasurePass
A new adventure has appeared before you! You have found a Treasure Diary and you must complete the quests inside to receive rewards and incredible items. As opposed to our previous iteration of the Diaries, this one is available to all adventurers. The diary will function as a monthly quest book where there will be quests to complete for rewards. Rewards are split into two tiers, the free rewards and the TreasurePass rewards. The TreasurePass rewards will only be accessible to those that purchase the pass on our server store.
To access the diary, simply type /diary in-game, and a self-explanatory interface will open up. Here you can view all your available quests, diary progress, and rewards. Each quest you complete will give you 100xp towards your diary. Also, for every minute you are online, you will receive 1xp towards the diary. As you complete more and more quests and accrue more playtime, you will earn enough experience to level up your diary and redeem the rewards.

June Treasure Chest

June 1st is upon us as the days continue to fly by and we are excited to introduce our June Monthly Treasure Chest! We saw how much you all enjoyed the last one so we are just as excited to show you what exclusive items we have in store this time around. Here is a look at what can be found in this month’s crate:

For June, we have introduced an all-new Squid Armour Set! This gear provides you with healing for every second you are in the water, perfect for treading the waters of the Pirate Islands. Here is a closer look at the armor:

Along with the new armor set, we have created 3 other brand new items that can only be found in this month’s TreasureChest. Here is a look at them.

Potion Shop
As of popular request, we have brought back the potion shop. It can be accessed by doing /shop and navigating to the potion section. All potions will be set at a buy price of $1,000, this is subject to change over time. Here you can find all types of potions that you can purchase instantly without the need to wait for your potions to brew.

Rename Tags

Rename Tags are back and are more ready than ever to glorify your hard-earned God Sets. Simply drag n’ drop the Rename Tag onto any piece of gear which will open up an anvil where you can type in whatever name you’d like using any of the color codes Minecraft makes available. Also, to prevent mistakes when naming, the anvil will show you a preview of what the item will look like before you confirm.

Patch Notes
Here is a look at all the fixes we made in the past week.
  • Added a GUI to change various settings of a duel when challenging someone
  • Added the ability to place bets on duels by using /wager before combat begins.
  • Added permanent strength 1 to duel participants when there are 2 minutes left and strength 2 when there is a minute left.
  • Added duel participants current health and time left in the duel to the ActionBar for spectators.
  • Added time left in the duel to the ActionBar for duel participants.
  • Added an anti-time-wasting feature.
  • Disabled teleporting into the arena world when no duel is active.
  • Fixed bug that caused players to lose their exp when dying in a duel.
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from regaining their items after a duel.
  • Reworked the coinflip animation to be more "slots" style and made it slightly random so the initial orientation of items doesn't give away the outcome.
  • Changed the way coinflip winnings are rounded. Ex: $17,999 is now $18,000.
  • Change the ugly colors in the broadcast message sent after a coinflip ends. - Removed toggle coinflips command. /settings now has an option to toggle coinflip messages.
  • Added a /settings GUI that allows players to toggle certain things.
  • Current settings: Toggle CF messages, toggle duel messages, toggle nicknames, and toggle do not disturb.
  • Cooldown shards now reset the cooldowns on clue scrolls when activated.
  • Fixed an issue where /nether would send you to /spawn.
  • Prevented players from losing money after cancelling a /cf.
  • Items should no longer “vanish” on the /ah.
  • Issue allowing players to spam [item].
  • /f perms GUI not responding fixed.
  • Duplication issue with /trade fixed.
  • Duplication issue with spawners fixed.


Our first bad news of the entire post, @ThqtGirl has decided that it would be best to delay the Newsletter until the 10th June, to allow more time for submissions to be sent in. If you’d like to send your submissions please forward them to @ThqtGirl or send them directly to her over on discord, isobel#9999.

Beta Team

As most of you may be aware we do currently have a beta tester team in place, however, we are currently redesigning the whole structure of the team. Sadly, this means that recruitment for the beta team is currently closed until further notice. We will make a global announcement when we open these.

Raiding Rules

Just last week, we released our all-new Raiding and Base Building Rules. There have been quite a few changes so it is important that you all take the time to read through it and grab a good understanding of the rules that are in place. Check out our rules here!

Duplication Fixes

At the beginning of the season, we experienced quite the influx of duplication glitches, mostly with our spawner plugin. We’ve since resolved every dupe glitch related to this plugin and any others that have been reported alongside these. If you experience any dupe glitches please make sure to report them right away to a staff member.

20% Update Sale

To celebrate the return of Bosses, Diaries and all our other changes, we will be hosting a 20% off sale for everything on the store. On top of that, we will be releasing a bundle package of both the TreasurePass and June Treasure Chest for a discounted price.

Bringing our weekend update to a close, we’d just like to thank everyone so far who’s shown their support towards the server and we can’t wait to release more fantastic updates like this.
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