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Would you like the server to be reverted back to the content it had in 2017 or do u prefer current?

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The majority of the player base misses the old 2016/2017 style of treasure East’s purely because of how chaotic and ultimately how fun the content was. For example, having super good classes like op Santa, Cupid, nightmare etc. Also, having stupidly good 40 lores where u didn’t drop made kills more of a reward. Ultimately I just want all of the old content from these days back: all the og op classes, old enchants back. For example fat not only proving when u were low but it procing every few hits, only dodge and life essence stacking, having execute applied meaning that you would do more damage if you shifted. Also, rifts and old loot tables. I understand that shift pvp is quite controversial but if you think about it, it took away the majority of the skill aspect but this would most likely increase player count as the majority of the player base plays the server for the pvp. However, with the current enchants not just anyone can partake, you have to actually be good. Whereas with shift pvp, everyone could enjoy it. For all the staff who will reply saying “we took these features out because the majority of the community disliked them,” perhaps you should do a poll for “2016-2017 treasure wars content” and “current content.” I believe this will contradict your statements and perhaps make you consider that a significant amount of the player base wants this back. I will leave a poll on here aswell so be sure to keep looking back at this for the results.

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I'm dumbfounded by how you think that it's more of a reward? I'd rather have actual skill based pvp than **** shifting in a corner hoping for a one shot to happen.


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If only it was as easy as that. Factions, servers, minecraft has evolved. You have to move with the times. We are trying to do as much as possible to 'revert' and fix pvp and bring old content. Unfortunately it's not as simple as /revert.
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