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Whitelisted Modifications List

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Treasure Wars Modifications

When using Modifications to enhance your Minecraft Experience, it is important that you are using a Whitelisted Modification as many mods can give you an unfair advantage over other players in the game, such as X-Ray, Hacked Clients, Macros, etc. If you are caught using any illegal modifications for such advantage, you will be punished and possibly banned from the server.

This is the Official Whitelisted Modifications list, which will contain a list of allowed modifications, as well as some blacklisted modifications.

Whitelisted Modifications
Any of the modifications listed below are allowed on our server. These mods include purely cosmetic features and do not offer players an unfair advantage to their client. Using any of the following mods below is allowed and follows our rules.

There may be other modifications which follow our rules not listed below. Modifications which strictly serve for cosmetic/aesthetic only purposes and do not offer an unfair advantage will most likely follow our rules. If you are not sure if a mod is allowed or not, feel free to ask a staff member.

Optifine: Optifine is a Minecraft optimization mod which allows your Minecraft to run faster and look better with aesthetic changes for HD textures and more. You can download this mod from Optifine’s Official site:

Shaders: Shaders is a mod which allows you to beautify your game with major graphical improvements. This mod adds cool effects to your game such as detailed textures, shadows, reflections and more. This mod requires a good computer to run and may lag your Minecraft. You can download this mod from Shader’s Official site:

Better Sprint: Better Sprinting is a client mod that gives you more control over sprinting and sneaking. This mod allows you to add toggles for sprinting, similar to the key button inside your Minecraft options menu. You can download this mod from Curseforge here:

Minimaps without Radar: Minimap Mods offer a small map for players to view in their HUD. This allows you to view the land around you, though not players and entities.

Cosmic Client: This client is permitted so long as the minimap is without radar and fly boost is not enabled.

Schematica: Using the Schematica mod allows players to load in schematics of builds and cannons. We allow you to use the ghost image to guide you as to where you should place blocks however you ARE NOT allowed to use the printer function in Schematica.

Console clients:
Console clients should only ever be used for AFKing and should not run any commands other than the one connecting you to the realm of your choice. (such as /server bandit.) Any sort of scripted bots are also against the rules.

NOTE: You are only allowed to use Minimap Mods which do not show players or entities on them. Having a Minimap Mod which even has a toggle for rendering players is not allowed and will result in a punishment if used.

Blacklisted Modifications

Any of the modifications listed below are NOT allowed on our server. These mods give players an unfair advantage on their client and is considered cheating. Using any of the following modifications below, as well as any modification which gives you an unfair advantage over others will result in a punishment.

Hacked Clients: Hacked Clients are made specifically to cheat in the game. These clients have unfair advantages, such as X-Ray, Killaura, Sprint, Flying, auto mining etc. Using any Hacked Client will result in an immediate banishment from the server.

Macros and Auto-Clickers: Physical and programmable auto-clickers allow users to click faster than an average person playing on the server. Whether you are using an actual program to increase your CPS (Clicks per Second), or using a weight on your mouse, you will be punished as this is an unfair advantage. Macros are key shortcuts which execute a command when pressed, using these are punishable as well.

Fly Boost: This modification is not allowed and players will be punished using the tier 3 rule.

NOTE: While we do not state that taping your mouse is bannable, adding attachments to your mouse/trackpad to give yourself an advantage is at your own risk! If you are suspected of using an Auto-Clicker and appear to be doing so, you will be banned.

X-Ray and Unfair Packs:
X-Ray Modifications and Texture Packs allow players to see ores and specific blocks/entities through walls and blocks. Normal players are not like Superman and cannot see through walls, therefore you should not be able to either. Any Texture Pack which gives you an unfair advantage is not allowed.

Minimaps with Radar: Using any sort of Minimap which shows players and entities on is bannable. This offers you an unfair advantage and is not allowed. You are not allowed to use a Minimap Mod even if it has an option to toggle radar.

This thread will be kept up to date with the latest changes regarding which Modifications are allowed or blacklisted on our network. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding the Whitelisted Modification List or if you’re able to use one of your cosmetic-only mod, please start a conversation with a Treasure Wars Administrator here.
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