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Why is Treasure Wars failing?

(I want to make this post to open staff up to what the community want and what they need to prioritise)

Recently, as you will know, Treasure Wars has been disappointing (To put it nicely). I want to outline the reasons why the server is in this state as I don't believe the management team fully understand what we want. Before you read through, please understand that I am trying to speak for the community and if you disagree, then don't go mad.

1. The most obvious - Fix consumables:

I understand that staff know this is a problem however I want to address the way the management team has dealt with the issue. When reset happened, consumables were all broken (as I'm sure you are aware) however there was no announcement for 24 hours whilst some 200 players asked questions and wanted answers. The player base declined from about 250 players to 120 players in these first 24 hours and I strongly believe this is because of the transparency issues that the management cant seem to put right. After this, we were promised that consumables were fixed by Sunday night at the latest with Obi stating 'now in the process of upping our game and ensuring you all are involved and aware of exactly what is going on behind the scenes as we don't want to leave you in the dark any longer.'. Sunday night came around and nothing happened. Again, people asked questions about when it was going to be and we were told the next night for several days. This is in no way getting players involved with whats going on 'behind the scenes'. And is still leaving us in the dark. Then pvs were wiped and consumables, except for runes, still didn't work. After promising us a rollback (or whatever they were going to do to restore pvs), they again failed to reach their deadline. I don't understand how hard it is to take 5 minutes to make an announcement, informing the player base what is going on and why the promise that staff have made is turning out to be false information.

2. Listen to the community

I have heard staff say several times 'we have read your suggestions' or 'we have taken in your feedback' but the outcome is really disappointing. I understand that it was Julian's post however it was also stated that everything on his post would be implemented onto the new server. Again, a promise that has been made but has turned out to be false. In fact, not only was there no re-code/ new features, nothing works. When there is a reset, at least ensure that everything works. Now, I am aware of the story to why it was a mess and I understand that there wouldn't be much point to exposing the information to the players however at least fix it within 24 hours of the server being released. People say it is the code that is wrong however consumables worked last season until near to the end of the map. I have seen people run a server better than this who don't have a development team, a proper management team etc. and the problem is - we haven't been told the reason to why its not working and why 1 week later, these issues haven't been fixed. There is no transparency whatsoever and I feel that if there was an announcement outlining what has happened and what progress is being made, the player base will be much more forgiving. (When I say this, I don't mean to offend Cruder, Obi or Lander - I think they want the best for the server but they don't know how to execute changes). I also believe the management team are very poor at talking to the community. I think that they don't know what to do and don't fully know what the community wants. The management team need to listen to the active players about what they want. I know people are willing to go in a call with management and tell them what people want however I feel that the management team aren't engaging with the community as much as they should be. James/epailes/nightmare made a great post about features that should be added. Small touches like KDR or hosting more koths would make the server way more enjoyable. I'm sure that many people (me included) would be happy to go into a call with members of the management team to suggest new content

3. The anti-cheat
Whatever anyone says, I think the anti-cheat was great. It banned hackers within seconds. Obviously, it was disabled due to it being 'a bit too aggressive' but it wasn't too aggressive at all. First of all, the anti-cheat should have been tested before the reset happened by the quality assurance team (which seem to have no purpose right now). Secondly, if someone gets banned, they are obviously going to say they weren't hacking. Just because they say 'I was using skull splitter', it doesn't mean they actually were. All but one of the players that got banned from the anti-cheat were hacking and got unbanned because they said they weren't hacking. I think the anti-cheat should be re-enabled how it was and if someone wasn't hacking, they can use an instant replay software, such as OBS, to prove that they weren't hacking. I know that on cosmic, you cannot get unbanned from an anti-cheat ban without evidence that you weren't hacking

I don't know if this post will help further treasure wars in any way however it is here to outline they key problems that this server has. I am open to editing the post if anyone has anything that they believe should be changed/added.


I agree with enabling anticheat again and they are listening to the community but they have to fix the server before they add more stuff but i still agree they need to communicate better with the players


If the anticheat was actually good it wouldn’t be false banning people. I logged in for the first time and went to mine, then after I mined I fell down 5 or so blocks cause of a hole and got banned. I’m unbanned now