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Rune Merchant, Lottery Luke, and the Return of the Summer Class!

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Greetings Adventurers!

It’s been 5 days since reset and we are already back at it with another small update! We are excited to finally be in a state where we can continue to release new features while fixing as many of the small issues that currently exist! This update is a bit of a smaller one but still has some of the most requested features and fixes packed into it.

Merchant Tweaks

We have noticed that some of you have been wondering what happened to the merchant commands such as /wizard or /xpmerchant. We have removed the ability to access these merchants via commands and strictly making them accessible through the Marketplace which can be accessed through the command /warp shop. We decided to make this change to create an area of mass gathering and to get people out of their bases. This area will be the location where any new merchants are added which takes us to our next update….

Rune Merchant


Introducing Henrietta the Rune Merchant! A throwback to the past with the original rendition of the Armour Merchant making a return! The new Rune Merchant is available on Pirate Islands at /warp shop and will help you make use of any of your unwanted gear. When you trade with the Rune Merchant she will reward you with a Mystery Rune. This Mystery Rune will have a list of all the enchants that were on the piece of gear that you have traded. When right-clicked, the Mystery Rune will have a chance to become one rune of a single custom enchant that was on the piece of gear that was traded to the merchant. The success rate / destroy rate of the resulting rune will be based on the enchantment levels of the custom enchantments on that piece of gear. The better the enchantments and the more there are on a piece of gear the higher success / destroy rate you will have.

Armor Merchant Changes

We have also taken this opportunity to buff the Armor Merchant to be more in line with the value of the new Rune Merchant. The Armor Merchant will give even more XP than it used to depending on both the tier and level of enchants that are found on the piece of gear

'/warp End' Released!

Due to popular demand, we decided to introduce ‘/warp end’ to allow those factions that didn’t have the opportunity on reset to get a corner to grab one. At the warp, all wilderness claims within a 3 chunk radius will cost $1,000,000 to claim from your faction balance. In regards to base building, we’ve fixed the issue where explosive did not work correctly on end stone and we are aware of the teleporting to spawn issue when above 255 and lava generation being too fast. We will have those last bugs resolved very soon.

Lottery 'Luke'

We have made some QoL tweaks to the Lottery Manager to make it a little more user friendly. He will now display the number of tickets that you own and the percentage chance you have of winning. Also, you can now see a little description of the Lottery when you interact with the NPC to help you understand exactly how it works.

Faction Top NPCs

We’ve been tweaking /f top recently to make sure it's calculating all faction values accurately and regularly. On top of the command, we’ve also placed three new NPCs at ‘/warp shop’ which will display the top 3 factions currently on the server.

Heroic Lootcrates

Heroic Lootcrates are back and ready to roll as the reward from the mythical Necromancer! These lootcrates contain the best treasures that can be found on the Pirate Islands and are awaiting you to claim them for your own! Empowered Slot Crystals, Classes and Mythic Keys are just some of the various treasures that can be found within!

Bug Fixes
  • Skeletons & Zombie Spawners - Mobs from these spawners didn’t drop XP when they were killed.
  • Wizard xp costs - The wizard will now remove your XP when you combine the runes.
  • Powerloss in warzone - Players will no longer lose power when killed in the warzone.
  • Nickname /setting - Nicknames are now disabled completely when toggled in /settings.
  • Xp orb on pressure plates - XP orbs no longer invalidate when the player walks over a pressure plate whilst holding the orb.
  • Enderpearl tweaks - Players no longer able to throw enderpearls whilst looking at a block. This has been done to prevent base glitching.
  • Old enchants can not be traded in - To prevent dupe glitches, we’ve disallowed any item with old enchants to be traded in for XP or runes. Please make sure to discard any items with old enchants on.
  • Cluescrolls sometime turning into maps - When purchasing a scroll from the merchant it would sometimes turn the scroll into a map. This has been fixed and if you’re still experiencing this issue please create a ticket on discord and we’ll resolve it for you.
  • Warcoins disappearing - When the server reboots players could possibly lose warcoins, players will no longer lose warcoins.
  • Truces and enemies now show - ‘/f who’ now shows the factions truces and enemies.
Return of the Summer Class + 25% Off Sale!

It's that time of year again, the time we have all been waiting for, SUMMER! To celebrate the start of Summer, we have re-added the Summer Class to our store! Be sure to take this chance to grab it while it is active along with the continuation of our 25% reset sale!

That's all for now!
We hope to see you all on the Pirate Islands!
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