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do a global unban
Hello, you may purchase an unban from
i can afford it... its just that my stupid card cant do an international transaction
This would of helped in my case. And i wouldnt of had a pointless ban and twars would have another player if this was in the rules.
Hi, appreciate you probably want a staff response but if it makes it any better I used to be. The rule clearly states ‘Advertising links to websites outside of Treasure Wars, discord servers, minecraft servers and your own social media pages can result in a ban. You are allowed to advertise your faction discords in chat however please do this moderately.’
Yes but I said it as a joke I had no intention of making people visit the site, which is why I think I warning or a temp ban would do been suitable because I would of known not to make the joke again
How would the staff know you were joking? Can you see from their point of view that you were doing the wrong thing? Regardless if it was a joke, staff can't see that and I don't understand why you'd say it anyway
Somebody Needs to clarify the advertising rule because it appears that making jokes result in permanent bans. For example a revamp of the rule would say, 'Even if said jokingly or without malicous intent using will without a doubt 100% will result in an immediate lifetime ban even if the staff sees that it is a joke you will still get banned for life'.